Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Baby (and lots of them!)

Our friend Fin and her mum are sharing a birthday today, and are hosting a New Years Baby day.
We have had a few babies visit us in the last year. The first newborns came with supermum Stella. She was the sweetest little cat, with such a wonderful soul. This photo shows her with her foster baby Calvin Bunny, a very weak little kitten that she saved with her motherly love. She came to our home with five babies. Unfortunately, one passed away at one day old. We named him Elijah. Our dear friends Siena and Chilli sent us this beautiful photo of a violet in their garden to remember him by.
This photo shows the other four babies; two boys and two girls. We can't tell who is who here, but it shows Ellie, Angus, Pablo and Daisy when they were a day old.This is little Pabs at four weeks, shortly before he passed away. He had such lovely markings, and was a sweet little boy.This is Daisy at four weeks, just before she passed away. She was a tiny girl right from the start, but we tried our best for her and her brother.This is the beautiful Miss Ellie at approximately 8 weeks old. She and Angus went on a big adventure!
This is Angus at 8 weeks.When he and Ellie were ready to find their Forever Home, there were a lot of kittens looking for homes in Townsville. Due to the tropical weather, there doesn't tend to be a kitten season so much as a permanent influx. Meanwhile in Adelaide where they have proper seasons, they had more people wanting kittens than there were kittens to be wanted. So Ellie and Angus formed part of a contingent that flew cross country to find their new homes! Both are now in their Forever Homes.The Hogwarts Kittens were our first Sydney fosters. Harry arrived first, then Hermione the next morning and Ron the next afternoon. Hermione is now in her Forever Home, and is known as Lella. She was named after a kitty that her parents met while holidaying in Bali. Lella and her brother Gomez are learning to get along, and her new mum said she is doing very well.
Harry is looking for his home.Ronny Licious became a permanent member of the household. Fred and Georgie came along nine weeks after the Hogwarts kittens.
Luna was not a newly born kitten when she came to us, but she just had to be included here with the kittens who are almost certainly her siblings. She was approximately four weeks old when she got here.
This is Freddie at five weeks.Georgie still has a pink spot on her head that we put on to tell her apart from Freddie!Luna has been growing really well since we got her flea free and full bellied inside.
We have already received enquiries about Luna and Georgie through our PetRescue listings, which is exciting.
We hope you liked re-visiting some of our baby pictures:)


Parker said...

All of those little baby lives that you touch and love! What a great way to start 2010 - looking at all of those loving little souls!


Milo and Alfie said...

The baby pics are lovely and mom went a bit weepy at the pics of the dear little ones who had died. But we remembered how you cared for them, and did your best ~ and we know they will have felt loved during their short lives ~ and that made us feel better.

Yoo do a wonderful job, and we don't take the time often enuff, to say a huge hhank yoo. We love yoo for wot yoo do for the homeless kittens.

Happy Noo Year!

Grrreta said...

It is wonderful to see pictures of some of the lucky kittens who had the great fortune to spend time at your home. You have truly made a wonderful difference in each of their lives.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan said...

We have held our breath with you so much this past year, and cried when little ones didn't make it, and rejoiced to see others grow big and strong. You do an exceptional job, Foster Mum, and we salute you for it!

Cliff and Olivia said...

Wonderful pictures. We're sorry for those who didn't make it and so happy for those who did and got their forever-homes.

We don't know how you manage to keep track of everything, but we're as always so impressed with your efforts.

We're looking forward to what 2010 may bring in our favorite foster home.

Sónia Mendes said...

Aww, They're all soooo cute.

Happy New Year.

Feline kisses from Gotchi

Daisy said...

Thanks for letting us take a trip down memory lane with all the beautiful bebbehs. I'm so glad to hear that Lella is doing well in her new home!

Shadow / Molly said...

Happy Noo Year! We fink all da kittens were bootiful.

Poppy Q said...

Look at all the little babies you helped. It does make us sad about the little littlies that died, but we know that they were lucky to have you there for them in their short lives. You do a wonderful job of helping so many adorable kitties.


The Island Cats said...

It was nice to see all those babies again. You should be proud of everything you have done to help them all!

We can't wait to see what 2010 brings!

(and Lella will always be sweet Hermione to us....)

Angel and Kirby said...

What lovely baby pictures! You have been a great foster Mon the these babies.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We always love kitten pictures! They are all so very cute! We are sorry that some of them passed. Your mom is so good to take care of all the kitties.

Happy New Year to you!!

Huffle Mawson said...

Baby pictures are always good! I hope all of them find some good homes.

Cory said...

We're a little late, but so glad we are here now for the trip down memory lane...seeing how our dear Stella is featured along with my momma's namesake Ellie! We still purr for them just to let them know we still think about them.

May all the sweet fosters find their forever homes in 2010!

Purrs to the best foster family in world.

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

Looking through your photos reminded us of some sad days, but also how special you all are to open up your hearts and home to these foundlings and so happy to hear of the ones that made it to their forever homes.

May your year be filled with lots to purr about!

Happy Mew Year!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

Lux said...

All those precious little babies ...