Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitties Coming Out Our Ears!

We have some more kitties to show you!

This kitty is a Singapura. His name is Merlion, which mum thought was cute. The merlion is an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish. It is used as a logo to promote and represent Singapore. Mum spent several years living in Singapore when she was growing up, and it is a place that she loves a lot. So she was pretty happy to meet little Merlion:)
This Maine Coon is WNCA DB GD CH Stunning Panda of Wyecoon. He was born in Townsville! That is where we were born! He lives down here now, just like us. His crate was next door to Princess Mia the Sphynx. It looked quite funny seeing the little bald lady and the huge fluffy mancat sitting next to each other!
In this crate are Kaamari-Katz Moonlight Madonna, A silver Persian Chinchilla, and Kaamari-Katz Joyvynne D'or, an Australian Tiffanie. They were snuggled up and snoozin'. They were little kittens.
Next door to the two girls was Kaamari-Katz Arminne D'or, a second golden shaded Australian Tiffanie. She looked like a beautiful fluffy hovercraft!
This kitty is an Australian Mist. When mum and dad were doing cat research, they thought of visiting some Australian Mist breeders. We are happy that they didn't!
This second kitty is also an Australian Mist. They are very pretty, active, playful kitties.
We have one more post of cat show photos to go, and then we will have exhausted our supply!!:)

Harry, Hermione and Ron are looking cuter and cuter every day. They are more kitten than rat now! Hahaha! I have been keeping a close watch on them.
Our SnuggleSafe decided to give out and started leaking last night, so mum and I had a long night of monitoring temperatures and making sure they stayed warm. Hermione and Harry are suckling well on bottles now, while Ron is still being syringe fed.
We hope you have a happy week:)


Poppy Q said...

What beautiful big kitties, and even lovilier little babies.

Glad to hear the three wee ones are behaving themselves.

Aniemother said...

That Australian mist was a new breed to us, how cute. And the kittens are so tiny and cute! Come on and eat up, Ron so you won't have to get that icky syringe down your throat any more!


The Island Cats said...

Those kitties are all so beautiful! We've never heard of an Australian Mist...really pretty kitty!!

Oh those babies are so small next to you, Fui!

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

#1 visited Singapore frequently when she lived in Tokyo. and enjoyed "meeting" little Merlion too!

We hope little Ron graduates o the bottle soon!

Cory said...

Fui, what a good boy you are watching over the kittens!

I was very naughty today and I got in big trouble...and mom got enough evidence on me too.

Anonymous said...

While we can certainly appreciate the beauty of purebred cats, we still are of the opinion that us regular cats are every bit as gorgeous and just as loveable.

We're glad to hear Harry, Ron and Hermione are doing well. Come on, Ron. Time to be catching up to Harry and Hermione!

Daisy said...

I have been enjoying seeing all the glamorous show cats. We had never heard of an Australian Mist before!

Angel and Kirby said...

Beautiful cats at the show. We don't think we would like the show life, though! it is always good to hear about the babies.

Cat with a Garden said...

We have never heard of Australian Mist Kitties and are very impressed by their beauty.
The little ones look so cute. And Fui we can tell that you're a very big help. Smooches to your mommy for doing all this.

MoMo said...

They are just totally, totally cute and gorgeous!!! Merlion, what a suitable name for the Singapura kitty.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Thanks for showing us all those cool cats - I hadn't heard of some of them so it is neat to see new types. And I am glad the bitties are doing well!

Kellie The Orange Cat said...

The show cats are just beautiful. Your itty bitty foster kittens are adorable - sometimes I wish I could have a kitten to cuddle with, but then sometimes I am glad that I don't have to share MY Mum.