Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Even More Kitties!

These are the last of the kitty photos we have from the Spring Katz show. This first one is a Ragdoll. Mum and dad thought his colouring was so pretty. He looked like his coat was very soft.
This mancat is a Toyger. According to Wikipedia, the Toyger has been in development from the 1980's, with the aim of breeding domestic shorthair tabbies to look like 'toy tigers'. The creator, Judy Sugden, says the idea is they will help promote conservation of the tiger. In developing the Toyger, she even imported a street tomcat from India because of his strong markings. This one here is WNCA Diamond Db Gd Ch Waratah Gd National Ch Xquizit Chester.
This little lady is an Oriental. She had the most curious face, and seemed very interested in what was going on around her. Her name is Azov Salix Vitellina.
This is an Egyptian Mau. Mum had never seen one before. His coat colouring reminded her of Tom Kitten, one of our first fosters.
This is a Bengal. His coat is very cool. And look! He has a Yeow! nip cigar and fishie in his crate with him! Maybe he was sleeping off the buzz? MOL!
These were mum's favourite two kitties that she saw on the day of the show. She said they would win every ribbon available if it was up to her.
We asked if we could have bonito flakes and Temptations instead of ribbons. MOL!
The babies are getting bigger and cuddlier with every passing moment.
The amount of time mum wastes 'ooooohing' and 'aaaaaahing' over them is ridiculous.
Ron is drinking better and better. They are feeding every 2-2.5 hours, with a 3 hour interval between 3am and 6am. Mum is learning to deal with it now, and is functioning at a higher level than she was earlier on. MOL!
When the kittens knead on mum while they are drinking, she nearly dies! It's just too much cute!
Mum has been making sure they get some good cuddle time each day on mum's chest, after reading that hearing and feeling a heartbeat is good for their development.
As a fan of cuddles, mum has embraced that completely:)
Happy Wednesday!


Poppy Q said...

That is like the Kangaroo care they do in neonates, of having mums and dads snuggle with their babies in order to bond.

Your little kitties look great, but Fui and Suiey we would smother you with prizes too.

Have your red skies gone away?

Parker said...

Oh what wonderful kitties, but I agree, you two take the prize!

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

We have a question: were there no Abyssinians at the show? We don't recall seeing any photos.

The kittens look so adorable! We wish we could nip over for a cuddle...

Tracey and Huffle said...

You two are definitely the best looking cats on the list.

Your mum is doing such a wonderful job with those kittens!

Huffle Mawson

Cory said...

My mom always says if there was a cat show and we were at it, there would be an 8-way tie for first place!

But I have a bone to pick with you guys...I had to pick my mom up off the floor when she saw those cute kittens sucking on a bottle pictures...::thud::. Over she went! You can pass out from too much cute. Those pics need to come with a warning!!!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

You two were the most lovable of the show. The babies as looking good.

Aniemother said...

Oh.. The kittens are so cute it's almost painful! <3

I think treats was a good idea for an award - but I also think those ribbons would make for some good play time ;)


Daisy said...

The Oriental and the Bengal are gorgeous! But I think the Fui-Cat and the Suey-Cat should bring home top honors.

Cat with a Garden said...

The little ones are getting the best upbringing they could possibly get without their cat momma. We too loved the gorgeous Tortie and the Silver Tabby best!

Anonymous said...

We can not wait to check in with you every day to check on Harry, Ron and Hermione's progress. Mom is quite smitten with Hermione... it's all that gray, right, Mom?

Whitey thinks Mom should like Harry the best because he's white with a splotch of gray. Or Ron, because he's had to fight harder.

Well, I suppose we just love them all, and that's all there iz to it!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

Thank you for those lovely photos from the Katz show! We think that orange Bengal sooo beautiful! But of course you are sooooo the best! But all the kitties are cool!

We loves the kitten photos!

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Those are all wonderful cat pictures!!