Saturday, May 23, 2009

Putting Plans Into Action

Now that we have dates to move and a house, we've been able to formalise some of our plans. Mum and Dad investigated several kitty hotels, and have chosen one for us to stay in. The lovely lady, Julie, who runs the place let them hang out with her for nearly an hour, and she showed them around the whole place. Mum and Dad loved the way that other kitties staying there were so happy and relaxed with her. They got to see how Julie interacted with a couple of new residents who were sulking at being left behind by their parents. She was very gentle with them, and didn't try to force them into contact. Mum liked this, because she expects that Suey will be quite reserved when she first gets there. Suey doesn't like it at all when people try to force her to be friends, so we think Julie is the right lady for her.

There was a kitty at the hotel who's dad works in the mines. Over the last two years, he has spent more time at the hotel than with his dad. There were also a pair of kitties who had been there for 8 months while their parents are posted to the US. They are older, and their parents didn't want to put them through quarantine. Mum payed particular attention to them, and was impressed at how well they seemed. They looked physically great, and were relaxed and chirpy.

So that is where we will be staying. Mum and Dad will be dropping us off on Monday, and Julie says they are welcome to stay for as long as they like to help us settle in.

Calvin will go back to the shelter on Monday to be desexed. We are excited for the little Bunny! Ellie and Angus will go to another foster home, where they will stay until they are over 1kilo. Mum and Dad will move into their hotel on Monday night. On Tuesday, the packers come. They are going to put nearly all of our things into a big truck, and start driving it to Sydney. On Wednesday, Mum and Dad start driving to Sydney. To make sure they don't get up to mischief, I am sending my friend Marty Mouse with them, so they don't get up to any funny business. He will keep an eye on them.

They are going to take a few nights to get to Sydney, staying in Rockhampton, Maroochydore and Coffs Harbour on the way, and are then staying in Darling Harbour on Saturday night. On Sunday, they move into their temporary accomodation.

Our things are due to arrive on about the 9th of June. Mum and Dad will spend a day or two trying to unpack as much as possible and get everything ready in the house. Then we will fly down with a pet transport company that Gypsy and Tasha's Mum recommended.

I thought you might like to see these pictures of me and Stella, to make up for all the writing!:)


PDX pride said...

That's great that you found a well-recommended pet transport company. :) Sounds all exciting!

Tracey and Huffle said...

It all sounds very well planned. I hope you will be okay in the kitty hotel!

Huffle Mawson

Poppy Q said...

Fui and Suey you have a good stay at the kitty hotel. We hope you relax and take it easy.

Tell lovely mum and soldier dad to have a safe and enjoyable trip to Sydney and good luck with the move.

Julie and Poppy Q

Cory said...

That sounds like a whole lot of careful planning went into your move. Good luck with everything and you know we'll be sending comforting purrs to Fui and Suey to help them!

The Island Cats said...

We hope your move goes well! We can't wait to hear about your stay in the kitty hotel...we've never been in a hotel!

Shadow / Molly said...

Have a pawsome move and a safe one too! We hope to see yoo all when yoo is settled back in. Yoo is going to get to take yer toys wif yoo to the kitty motel!

It's (((hugs))) day and so we is leavin yoo sum of dem and also sum purrs and headbutts!

Angel said...

That Cat hotel sounds great! We know it will be strange and unsettling to be away from Mom, but it will be better than packing and unpacking!

We hope to hear from you soon after you are settled in the new house!

Daisy said...

It sounds like you have everything well-organized. Moving sure is complicated! But it will be so exciting to start on a new adventure. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Fin said...

Sounds like a great temporary spot, till you can settle in at the new place.

Aniemother said...

Oh wow.. A lot of stuff going on, huh! We're sure you'll do great at the hotel while your servants set up your new place!