Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ping Pong Balls are Lots of Fun

This is my favourite toy. It is a ping pong ball. It bounces, and is easy to bat around. Mum throws it for me to get it moving, and then I play play play!

I know some other catbloggers have been a bit perturbed at how many votes a certain blog with a bad word in the title has suddenly recieved in the Weblog awards. Mum did some looking around for me today, and found the Best Pet Blog category has become a battleground for those trying to save the world from 'corporate suck ups' . They basically chose the Penguin blog to be the winner, and are funnelling votes. Then, the rival faction (goodness this sounds silly!) funnel votes for the initial target (in this case, Cheezburger). Apparently it is happening in a number of categories, especially the political blogs (what a surprise!).

Which is why we want to congratulate on how well she is doing, despite the silliness going on in the background. We love your blog, and enjoy reading it every day.

If you have two computers in your house, and two people who enjoy reading Daisy's blog, did you know you get two votes for her, one from each computer. Mum makes sure to remind dad to vote for her each morning (he is very enamoured with Harley!). You can go to vote if you haven't done so yet today. Even if the silliness of the vote riggers does mean Daisy isn't the official winner, we think it is more important that she has an honest tally of people who both read and enjoy her blog. That makes you a winner to us, Daisy!:)

Now, all this silly business has made me rather fuzzy in the head. I think I need to play play play with my ping pong ball!


Skeezix the Cat said...

Yoo are vary smart to have figyerd this owt: yay for Daisy!!!!!!

Cat with a garden said...

Suey, you are fast as lightning!
That was a very nice tribute to Daisy and Harley. We actually don't think the blog with the bad word in it is about pets at all. It is about animals, not about pets. Daisy is of course the true winner!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Anonymous said...

Ping Pong balls looks very exciting!

When Mom saw the obvious ballot-stuffing for a blog full of bad words, she stopped going the web site to vote. We don't think the web site has any integrity whatsoever.

We all know Daisy is the most favorite and cutest Curly Cat!

Parker said...

Mommy votes at home and then votes at work, and then her secretary does the same thing!

Cory said...

I have been voting every day (my mom does it for me)! We had no idea the blog awardies were so complicated...we all know Daisy deserves to win this!

Everycat said...

Cor Suey, that's some hot pingpong ball action you have going on there. Thanks for the explanation about the voting insanity going on, we think Daisy should win too and we have been voting for her.

Whicky Wuudler

jenianddean said...

Playing ping pong is much better than fussing with that vote silliness. It is a shame what it has turned in to. I agree with what someone else said, that neither of the leading two even fit the category. They are blogs with animals, not pet blogs. We're still voting for Daisy every day.

Daisy said...

Ah, you have to be some of the sweetest cats, ever! I really appreciate your kind words.

I never expected to win, and I am just proud to represent ALL of the wonderful cat bloggers out there.

I just wish ANY other blog would win except the bad word site, because it seems to be actually anti-animal.

I enjoyed watching your ping-pong ball action!

The Island Cats said...

We love ping pong balls too!

We think Daisy is already the winner cuz the other blogs that are leading aren't truly pet blogs...they are just animal blogs...and Daisy's is a true pet blog....

Anonymous said...

heheh Suey a Ping Pong ball is a great idea, so light and would move so easily! Much better than my rubber ball :( i think Ima going to have to get Momma to get me one of those!
Wow those people sure do go to a whole lot of trouble to cheat...
If it was honest Miss Daisy would win we knows it :)
She is the best!


MoMo said...

You are so smart to have figured it out. I voted and will continue to vote for Daisy because I think she has a wonderful blog. That Penguin blog isn't even a pet blog - it's more an anti-animal blog.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Suey, you are pawsome with that ball!!! hahahahahahaha
It is so sad that the blog thing seems fixed :( Daisy deserves to win!!!!
She is a winner in my book :)
Purrs Mickey

Findlay Furs said...

Great ping pong video - look like lots of fun!

Also you meowed a lovely and true diary.

lots of purrs

Fin said...

Well this was a lovely and very helpful post!

Sweet Praline said...

Very nice investigative skills. I just can't stand the fact that a blog with all of the profanity might win for a pet blog.

I vote for Daisy every day!

Poppy Q said...

We wish Daisy could win, she is the funniest cat out there.

Nice video Suey, you sure can run fast.