Sunday, November 16, 2008

I am a Crafty Kitty

Hello everykitty!
I am getting the blog to myself today. I think that is a fair reward for the help I gave to mum with her kitty wall.

Mum likes keeping a photo of each of the kitties we have fostered on the wall. It's a bit of a kitty collage. This weekend, it was time to start on a new bit of card. It was a bit curly from being stored in the cupboard, so I helped mum get it nice and flat.

I was also there to supervise as the glue dried. I had to make sure nothing fell off.

This is our finished project. You can see the red panel that we added on the bottom. Do you recognise any of the faces?

Guess what else! We got a drinking fountain! It is a Catit. So far, we haven't had a go, but we have looked at it with slight interest. Mum is excited by it though.

Suey and I would love to do a Christmas Card exchange this year. If you would like to exchange cards, please email us at fui_and_suey AT hotmail DOT com. What fun!:)
Have a lovely end of weekend, everyone:)


Daisy said...

Oh, I think the collage is a great idea! And you did a great job of helpering.

Lux said...

I love your kitty collage!

Mom's been thinking of getting us a drinking fountain but she's not sure we'd use it either.

Thanks so much for your purrs & prayers for me,

michico*Adan said...

That is a very amazing and outstanding job you do~!
Helping so many kitties~!!!
That is very good work~!

Christine and FAZ said...

What a wonderful collage and I am so jealous of your cat fountain. I have to make my own by drinking out of the tap. FAZ

Christine and FAZ said...

What a wonderful collage and I am so jealous of your cat fountain. I have to make my own by drinking out of the tap. FAZ

Keisha said...

O hai! Ur art is very pretty. Don't eet the gloo, even tho it looks yummy. It is not the same as froot.

Everycat said...

What a lovely wall collage. This is very good, you two helping so many kitties and now helping your Mom too. Nice fountain, I would be very suspicious of it, that blue tail looks very whappable.

Whicky et al

Poppy Q said...

The collage is a great way to remember all the cats that you guys have helped.

Mum wants to buy me a drinkwell fountain, secretly she thinks I will still keep drinking out of the bath taps though.

GRRRETA said...

The kitty wall is a wonderful idea! You did an excellent job helping your mom. That water fountain looks very cool.

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

What a wonderful way to remember your fosters! Hmmm... that gets me thinking! *that could be dangerous, ya know!* LOL!

Mickey said...

A kitty wall is a super idea!!!
Those little faces are all too cute :)
I like your fancy fountain too!! I bet it would be cool!!
Purrs Mickey

Evie/VampyVictor said...

You wall is much MUCH better than boring old paint or wallpaper :) And you are so good to help her flatten it out, I like to help Momma with things too!
Ohh your water fountain is so snazzy!
Momma friends have one but never use it because she says it's a pain to clean out every day :(.. wat a waste..