Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A fun meme

We were tagged by our friends for a meme where we have to say 7 things about us.

1. I like to live up to my torti reputation.
2. I am a lizard huntress- they are such fun!
3. I don't often allow cuddles on the floor or couch, but love it when Dad picks me up and gives me kisses on the neck.
4. When I first moved in with my family, I was scared whenever Dad wore boots. Now I am used to it.
5. My favourite treats are bits of dried liver.
6. I am a much chattier kitty than my brother.
7. Fui and I are from the same litter. We have one other torti sister and a caramel tabby brother.

1. I am much bigger than my sister, even though we are the same age.
2. I love fishies, and come running when I hear the jar rattle.
3. I like to sleep with mum and dad. I will often jump up for a cuddle before they go to sleep, then go to sleep under the bed.
4. I was the first kitten of my litter to find my forever home.
5. I looove chin rubbies.
6. I am very patient when my mum picks me up for a dance!
7. I am quiet. I only talk when I am hungry, or when I reeeeaally need to go to the bathroom!

Because we think it is a fun idea to find out about other kitties and woofies, we tag anyone who wants to play!:)


GRRRETA said...

I loved reading your memes and learning more about you. Suey's #4 reminds me of my formerly feral brother and sisters. Mom usually wears only socks in the house, so when she wears shoes, my brother and sisters are so frightened that they usually hide until she takes the shoes off.

jenianddean said...

Those are all very interesting things. We've played with lizards a couple of times, but only when they are foolish enough to come into the garage. And we love chin rubbies too!

Anonymous said...

Hahha Fui Fui My Momma wishes I was much more like you.. in the talkative way ;)
They are great memes and it is so great to learn funny little things about you both!
I love those liver treats too!
But I help dadda put on his boots,rather than run from them :)


goldenshade said...

Those were great answers!!!

We are always nosey about our friends. ; )

Mickey said...

That is a good meme :) I like learning about you! Sounds like you have a great home too :)
Purrs Mickey

Shadow / Molly said...

We has fishies too, cept ours swim in the live fishy tv's. Want to try and catch sum wif us?

Lux said...

Hi - it was nice learning more about you'ns! I'm pretty quiet, also.