Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Evie is in Her Forever Home!

Evie went on her plane trip yesterday. She was smoochy and purry at the airport, and friendly to those around her. Which was awesome! She had lots of blankets in her carrier, so she was comfortable, and she knew the smells. We are giving her new mum some space to get to know her before we begin harassing for updates, but we are so happy that she got there safely.

Our mum started a new contract yesterday, and claims to be too busy (read: lazy) to help us do as much visiting as we would like. Apparently there is a new cat tree in it for us. We will hold our judgement until said cat tree materialises.

We did get her to schedule the
post, to make sure she doesn't forget. We are looking forward to the BlogBlast, and hope to see lots of kitties and woofies involved:)

November 6, 2008


goldenshade said...


How exciting! We are sooo happy for Evie!

Aniemother said...

We're so happy for Evie! As for the cat tree I hope you enjoy it, personally I don't see the point. (http://wrigglebutts.blogspot.com/2008/08/bajas-test-kitty-stuff.html)


Ana said...

Those are such great news! In a plane... we know how cool such a trip is! :-)

Daisy said...

Hooray for Evie! I am so happy for her.

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...


Anonymous said...

Ohh it is so exciting for dear Evie, I hope it really is a forever home for her now, poor little dear.
We can't wait to hear updates but you guyz are right in letting her new Momma have a little space.. time with her :))
We will check out this blast thingy :))
Ohh PES: who is the contact for? Your Momma looks too nice to be doing "contracts?!?!" :P

Anonymous said...

Yay! We hope the plane ride wasn't too unsettling for her!

Christine and FAZ said...

Glad to hear Evie was relaxed about flying. I am not sure I would be under the circumstances. FAZ

Mickey said...

I am happy Evie got there safely. I cannot wait to hear how much she loves her new home!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Shadow / Molly said...

We feel fer ya. The mom says she has been too busy lately to do stuff too. HA! We like yer werd (lazy) better too.

Cats said...

Hope she has lots of happy times in her new furrever home. Sending you guys purrs from all of us. Concats to your Mommie on the new contract.

GRRRETA said...

I'm so happy for Evie! A new cat tree...Score! My mommy neglects my posting, and I get nada. I think I need to have a talk with my mommy.