Sunday, September 14, 2008

Suey's Adventure

I have a great backyard for adventures. I can have lots of fun! I especially love my little hideout, where I like to have a rest and a nap.

See how lovely it is. The sunlight comes down in dappled little spots, and I get a nice cool breeze through my furs. It makes me so happy, I sometimes break out into song!

"Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, I do like to be beside the seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa".

The sea is not really there, but sometimes I pretend!

Hold on! What's this?! I hear a rustling! A spy! I must approach and see who this dastardly person is! Ssshh, you stay here.

I'll be a brave kitty, and get even closer...

I know who it is! Don't worry, it's just my mum!

I love the outdoors. It makes me want to throw myself on the grass and writhe and stretch and wriggle! It is so much fun! And it feels so good on my fur to get a good rub against the grass.

The outdoors is also full of yummy smells. I like this plant here. It is so nice to bury my face in and sniiiiiiffffff!!!

This bush is so delicious smelling that I have to come back for a second sniff most of the time.
Can you see me flehming?

Being outside makes me so happy! I glow from the inside I am so happy! Don't believe me? The good thing about having a spy is that I have proof from her spy machine!!
I hope you enjoyed my adventure! I am off to patrol my perimeter! Fuifui-
My sister thinks she is so clever and brave out on her adventures. Mine are much better. And they require far less energy. I can sum my adventure up with one picture, so it even requires less storage space! Somehow though, my sister thinks I am the grubby one after my sleeping adventure, and she decides to take it upon herself to clean me. Me! Can you believe it, her, little miss scruffy, covered in fluff telling me that I am stinky?!

Just because I look like I'm enjoying it, doesn't mean I am. I don't like it at all. Now, I wonder where my sister is...

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Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

That outside looks like it would be so much fun, but Momma won't let us out. Maybe one day we can get a leash and she'll let us have an adventure.
~ The Bunch