Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Softies

Pipi Saurus-Rex, Charlie Brown and James Bond were three littermates, from an oops litter. When I brought them home, they were very timid, Pipi especially. Pipi was a medium-long haired little girl, who looked to have some kind of exotic in her ancestry. This was less obvious in the boys, who also had shorter hair. Pipi's colouring was velvet, Charlie was grey and James was a tuxedo.

Pipi was named after the nickname of K's baby (Fui and Suey's foster mum). She was by far the most timid of the three, and it was a great pleasure to see her come out of her shell, and become more outgoing. Charlie and James were very happy little boys. James loved being involved in everything, and was very clever. He loved to try and climb our screen doors, while the other two watched on in awe. We had the three for approximately three weeks.

We were told that James was especially popular with some of the volunteers who came to the shelter. A group of people from a facility for intelectually disabled people would come to sit with and play with the kittens, to keep them well socialised, and James loved playing with them, and running to them when he called his name.

Charlie found his forever home on the weekend he went into the cages, James found his two weeks later. Pipi had a false start with a family who decided they couldn't keep her, but is now with a wonderful family who take excellent care of her.

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