Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Snugglebunny

Katie was a beautiful little angel kitten. She came at a perfect time, and was the best pick me up I could have imagined. She was a beautiful little tabby, who had just missed being desexed with her siblings as she was a little small. She loved to climb up on your chest and puuuurrrrrrrrrrrr.

Katie got along really well with Fuifui, and Suey was very tolerant of her. I think it helped that she was quite a reserved kitten, and didn't force herself on them. While she was curious, she was happy to give them their space, and Suey especially appreciated this. Previously some of them had been quite extroverted, and got right up in Fui and Suey's faces. The Psychos had been especially keen to be very involved with my kitties, and they didn't like this at all!

It was interesting to see such a confident kitten. She had clearly been in a good foster home previously, as she was happy to be around noise, movement, and my cats. I'm still amazed at how lovely she was. She really was a heart stealer.

It was no surprise at all to hear that Katie was adopted very quickly, the day after she was put in the adoption cage. I am certain that she will be continuing to make her new family very happy. They truly are blessed to have her.

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