Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Beautiful Boy

Fuifui is my first ever cat, and a true revelation. I remember telling my boyfriend when we first discussed getting a pet, that I wasn't a 'cat person'. My how that has changed!

Fui was born as one of a litter of four to a stray mum on a building supply yard. THe constant movement and noise used to freak the mama cat out, and she would constantly move the kittens around, looking for a quiet spot. Eventually, she gave up and left, leaving the kittens behind. The people who worked on the site collected the kittens, and got them to a friend of mine, K. She carefully raised the four, and they grew strong and healthy. When they were about 8 weeks old, she was able to put them into a local vet's adoption program.

By this stage, we had decided on a cat. It might be worth mentioning here that my boyfriend had seen K's kittens when they were about 4 weeks old. When I asked about them, wondering if we could bring one of them home, he told me they were 'horrible messy things', and had no cat manners. He had seen them when they were just being transitioned to wet food, and were covered in it!

I went with K and another friend, B, to look at some kittens. Our first stop was the vet that K's kittens were at, as she wanted to see how they were. As soon as I clapped eyes on the little silver tabby boy, I was smitten. He has lovely clear eyes, such a healthy coat, and was such a calm, friendly little boy. He was also cleaning himself as we walked in, a bonus given that he didn't have a cat mama to teach him. When I picked him up for a cuddle, he simply curled into my chest. As part of my reading in preparation for bringing a kitten into our home, I had seen that you shouldn't adopt the first kitten you see, but instead have a good look around. So we went out to another shelter to have a look around. There were some lovely little kittens and older cats, but none of them compared to the beautiful silver tabby.

We returned to the vet, and I filmed some footage of the little tabby. I knew this was going to be our kitten, and my boyfriend had to see him! When he got back from his overnight stint at work, I whipped out the camera to show him. He thought the kitten was cute, but was mainly humouring me when we returned to see him again. As soon as my boyfriend clapped eyes on the tabby kitten, he was in love! He climbed up on his shoulder, and curled into his neck.

That day, we claimed him as our own. My boyfriend sat with him in the car while I grabbed the things we would need for our first few days. When I got back to the car, the kitten was starting to get a bit worked up. He was crying, and drooling. We were getting concerned, and as we drove home, he got more and more agitated. However, as soon as we got home and put him on the cool tiled floor, he relaxed completely. For the next hour, he wandered around, exploring every corner. He then found a good spot to relax under the coffee table, and lay down for a nap. From the moment we came through the door, he has been the calmest, sweetest, most relaxed little boy, and one who is happy to give his mum a cuddle when she wants one.

We named our silver tabby Fuifui Moimoi, after a rugby league player from the Parramatta Eels team. Fui the cat's stripes gave the appearance of Fui the man's cornrows!

He is our remarkable little boy, and we love him to pieces!

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AC said...

We're glad you picked the first kitten you saw. Boris was also the first kitten we saw. He stole both our hearts, and he wasn't even particularly friendly that day (he was too scared). We've never regretted our choice, either. ;)