Friday, August 22, 2008

Chop Suey Sunshine-Sausage

Before we even bought Fui home, we had talked about getting two cats, so that they could keep each other company and play together. We decided to start with one cat though, and see how we went, rther than bringing one of Fui's siters home too. We continued to discuss it after Fui came to us, but hadn't made any decisions.

Three weeks after we bought Fui home, we had to take him back to the vet for his booster vaccinations. When we arrived there, the last kitten from his litter was sitting on her own in the adoption enclosure. She was a funny looking little tortoiseshell. As soon as Fui saw her, he tried to jump out of his carrier to get to her. She responded in the same way, jumping against the sides of her enclosure. The receptionist told us we could put Fui in the enclosure with her, and they started playing straight away, shooting up the cat condo inside and wrestling, playing and cuddling. They were having a great time!

It was at that point we knew it was fate for her to join our family. Another family arrived to look at Suey while we were there, and I actually got quite defensive. She was already mine, and I tried to make that point loudly! The other family backed off (they wanted a 'prettier' cat anyway- I wonder if they'll ever grasp the magnitude of what they lost).

Fui and the tortie both came into the exam room for their vaccinations and final vet checks. Once again, I performed my super quick collection of supplies run while my boyfriend watched the kittens. We got them home, and straight away, Fui was showing her around, leading her to all his hiding places and toys. She was quite shy, and we knew we would need to take it slowly with her.

We ended out naming our new addition Suey, because it sounded nice with Fui! She has blossomed into such a little sweetheart, a girl who loves her cuddles, and is a voracious kneader. And she is SO beautiful! Fui and Suey get along so well. They are best friends, and whenever we see them playing, cuddling, grooming each other, and running around like nuts, we know we did the right thing for both of them. As much as we love Fui, it would have been very difficult for us to try and replicate the kind of stimulation and fun he gets from another member of his own species. Every day I am thankful that she was still there for us to be able to bring her home and welcome her into our family.

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Cat with a garden said...

Hi, we just found your blog and read almost every entry. ; ) What adorable kitties and beautiful residents! My mom just got me a sister to play with and I still don't know what to make out of it... It is amazing that Fui and Suey sort of recognised each other and played right along.
I will add you to my bloglist, ok?
Purrs, Siena