Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am a kitty with a lot of nicknames. My name was Suey when I first came home. With all the additional nicknames, I now sign cheques as 'Suey Sunshine-Sausage". I respond in various degrees to Suey, Sausage, Saussy, Saus, Sweetheart, Saus McFloss and Dinner. If I am being particularly wise, she calls me Saucicles.

Mum just can't resist, and it always seems to be the girls that aquire extra names. At the moment, we have Tillie-Vanilli, Ruby-Shoes and Stella-Belle.

What about you? Do you have any nicknames?


PDX pride said...

Tabby (who really is a Tabitha): "Dr. Tabbykins, C.S.I. agent", Flabby Tabby, Tabbykins, Tabby Sanchez the terrorist, Garbage Can, Flabby Tabby, Baby Girl, Sweetheart, Screamie, Tab-Tab, Tabs.
Carbon: Mr. Fluffykins, Fluffy Buddy, Carbon Sanchez the terrorist, Evil Genius, Baby Boy, Carb-Carb, Carbonkins.
Skylar: Sky-Sky, Sky-Guy, Kylar, Ky-Ky, Sweetie Boy, Old Man, Skylarkins.
Rori: Ror-Ror, Wowi, Big Kitty, Big Kitty Rorikins, Rorikins, Baby One.
Starla: Star-Star, Tar-Tar, Star Girl, Starla Kitty, Pretty Girl, Sweetheart, Snuggle Kitty.

C said...

We have lots of nicknames here too.... Maybe my mom will do a post on them someday??? But in the meantime some of my nicknames are The White One, Little Pipe, Squeaky, and What What.

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Yes! My nickname is "Pitchu"! As for Sei-Chan, she is currently mainly being called "Fofolle" which means crazy little girl...

We think your mum is exceptionally good at naming and nicknaming!


Poppy Q said...

Mum calls me Poppy Popstar, sweet pea, hey baby and pops!!

Suey sausage is a great nickname!!

Have a lovely Easter - is your daddy home yet?

Parker said...

Snugglebottom (me)
Airplane Ears (me)
ParkerPussPorkyPie (guess!)
PuffPuffSnuggleUp (Puff)
Puffster Lovester (Puff)
PuffitupPuffitup (Duh, Puff)
PowderWowder (Powder)
IttyBittySweetieWeetie (Powder)
LittleGirlyGirlKittyBumps (Sigh...Powder)
Rudy Tootie Fresh and Fruity (Rudy)
The Ruuuudster (Rudy)
RudyDoodyWhere'sYourFoody (Sheesh, Rudy)
Yeah, we have nicknames...

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Yup!!! Mom's do tend to go overboard a lot!!!!!!! Heehee We have several 'other' names. One of Mom's fave names for us is " Honey bunny baby bunchie boo boo bear" That usually means some serious hugging and kissing will happen ;)
Happy Easter,now your family is complete!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Cory said...

Oh, so many! My biggest secret is that I'm hardly ever called Cory...and if I am, it's Corykitten (not cat!). My first nickname was Sporty Spice!

My momma Ellie is mostly called "momma" or Ellie Belle

Cecilia- CeeLee

Madison- too many to list, but one of our favorites is Fearless Freep!

The rest are too embarrassing!!!

Cat with a garden said...

We have nicknames too, some of then in German! We shall do a post about it too someday!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Saucicles! Love it!!!
Ahhh nicknames:
Shaggy is: Shaggers, The Shaggster, Shaggy Butt, Big Boy,
Scooby: Scoober, The Scoobster, Scooby Doo, My Sleek & Sexy Black Cat,
Scout has: The Scoutster(is there a theme here?), Scoutie, Little One,
Toby the guniea pig: The Tobester, Toby Two Shoes, ToboCop, Tobermeister
The girl guines pigs Sasha & Emma Sue are The Ladies, Hey Girls, My Daughters(!)

Lux said...

I love your nicknames, Suey - they're cute!

Mine are: Big White Boy, Whites, stuff like that ...

Daisy said...

Lots of nicknames means lots of love!

Daisy: D.Z., Zee, Dizzy-Bee, silly-butt, Daze, monkey-bones-jones

Harley: Harleton, Quinnie (Harley's middle name is Quinn), Quinto Bean, Harley McSnarley, Quinton.

Angel said...

We gots nicknames to. Kirby is baby boy, Kirby-derby, pest
Angel is little girl, sweetheart,

Fin said...

Finny, Toontzy, Toontz, and Chubs.

Grrreta said...

You have some great nicknames. We love "Saucicles". Some of our nicknames are:

Grrreta: Poodle, Poodle-bear
Ambrose: Snuggle-bunny, Boy-bear, Stink-bear

The Island Cats said...

We have lots of nicknames! Mine is Easy sez this is my rapper name! Mom likes to call Zoey "Z" and Wally is WallyCat!


Cliff and Olivia said...

Nicknames are nice, we think they mean the Humans really loves you. We've got some too. These are the least embarrassing. Olivia is called: Liv, Prinsessefeen (which means The Princess Fairy in Danish) and Sorte Slyngel (which means Black Bandit). I'm called: Clifford, Bamse (which means Bear) and Sweetie.