Monday, March 16, 2009

Suey's Firsts

Since Fui got to do it, I think it is only fair that I get to show you some of my firsts.
This is a photo taken of me on my first day in my Forever home. I am in a box castle that my dad made for us. It was an awesome castle!

This is my first collar and tag. Dad chose my tag, and mum liked his choice so much that every time I lose my collar (which I do a lot), they get the same collar tag.

This is my big stink bomb of a brother investigating my first litterbox. We don't use the red one anymore, and the blue one has had it's lid taken off. Fui's bum is too big for them.

This is mum's favourite photo from my first weekend home. Fui was a very protective brother when I was small, and still a bit nervous in my new home.

This is my first scratching post. I loved it when I was a smaller kitty, because Fui couldn't fit in the cubby down the bottom. It provided great cover for whapping him when he went by! Hahah! Now we are both to big for it, and we have given it to the kitten room.

This is my first real love, my big brother. He is the best brother a girl could ask for.

This photo is from my first trip outside on the harness. I showed how responsible I am when I grabbed Fui's harness when he got away from a distracted mum.
This is from my first Christmas in 2007. I loved watching the light on the tinsel. (If you biggify the photo, you might be able to see that I have a copy of my first tag on another new collar. MOL!).

Have a great week!


Poppy Q said...

Suiy Sausage, that was a good post about you and all of your firsts. You sure are two lucky kitties to have found such a great mum and dad.

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Thanks for sharing all those first with us, Suey. We just loved the photos!

Your Pals,
Tom and Tama-Chan

Parker said...

Suey, those photos were adorable!

Cat with a garden said...

We were of course hoping to see your firsts! Yay!
Here's our name suggestion for the little Tuxie Foxy: Cleo.

Cory said...

Your firsts are adorable Suey! We were waiting for it to be your turn.

The Island Cats said...

We loved seeing your firsts!!! You and Fui are so cute together!

Fin said...

Oh Suey that was fun!!

Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing all those adorable photos! they are all so cute and sweet! Sounds like you really love your brother :)

Theodore and Sasha

Daisy said...

Suey, I loved seeing your bebbeh photos! It's no wonder you grew up to be so cute, because you were an adorable kitten. Your mom must have been proud when you grabbed Fui's leash when he almost got away!

VampyVictor said...

Suey you is such a sweet little Miss and you and your brofur have such a wonderful bond :))
My momma ties our leads together when we go for walkies so we keep an eye on each other.. and we can; get away so quick :( Does not mean we don't try :p hehe
pes: you had such the biggest wide eyed little bubbah eyes :))

Angel said...

We enjoy your posts on Firsts! Now ew know you better!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

OH Suey!!! What a sweet post! You were such a little cutie patootie!!!!!!

We also loved Fui's debut!!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Suey,we love your baby pics!! What a sweetie you are :)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

PeeEss: We think that the little tuxie kitten is super cute :) She is so tiny!!!!!!!
Her name?? How about Bibby

Grrreta said...

We love seeing your baby pictures. You and Fui are so cute! I love the picture where you are peeking out of the cubby in the scratching post.

AM said...

Oh Suey, that was so sweet sharing your baby photo book with us. I wish I had been better at taking baby pictures!

Cliff and Olivia said...

We meant to comment on this, but the humans are so lazy. We just wanted to say that man-made card board castles rocks!