Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thankyou to the CFA

The in Victoria is one of the largest volunteer based emergency services in the world. They respond to fire incidents and emergencies, as well as a variety of specialist rescue activities such as urban search and rescue and road accidents.They have been extremely busy with the fires. But still, they have the time to help the animals.
We saw a sweet video of one of the CFA volunteers helping a koala who survived the fire. It is from , and was filmed by another volunteer.

Polly Smitten-Kitten is continuing to get stronger. She is still too skinny, but is eating well, and has new energy in her eyes. It is good to see!:) The others are growing like weeds, but we will keep them for a little while longer, while the shelter's backlog starts to ease a bit. Do any other kitties have experience with broken tails? Polly and Penny both have breaks in their tails. Polly's is up near the tip of the tail, and Penny's is down about 2cms from the base. We're not really worried about Polly's, but Penny's has us wondering. The shelter isn't concerned, and she isn't having any problems with pooping or balance. She also doesn't mind it being touched, and it doesn't seem to hurt her. It is at an angle though! Is that likely to cause her any problems? Mum isn't sure when it happened, either. We've never had a kitten with a broken tail, that we know of.

Our daddy got a Blogger account to comment on our post on Monday! He is Forever Dad! Hi daddy! We love you (and mum loves you too)!:)

You can make pictures like these at :)
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tweeted about how Sam the koala in the video is doing now. Thanks, Misha!


Misha said...

There was an interview on the TV news in NZ with the wonderful fireman that found the koala. So nice to hear a lovely story come out of all this sadness.

Everycat said...

The CFA have been real heros to all - bless'em!

Our vet told us not to worry about broken tails unless cats start gnawing at them or licking them a lot or there is new and hot swelling (or balance and elimination issues which you know about already)

Glad Polly is brighter now!


Tracey and Huffle said...

I don't know much about broken tails, sorry.

Mum said she watched that video at work today!

Hi to your dad!

Huffle Mawson

Cory said...

Our Lewis came to us with a broken tail up toward the tip. We never knew how it happened but it never seemed to bother him and it became part of his character!

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Awww, what a precious video! Koala bears are just so precious anyway! What a great service the CFA is providing!

Glad to hear that the babies are doing better! As far as Whimpurr knows, nothing is usually done for a tail break as long as the tail doesn't get infected.

Daisy said...

I heard about that koala rescue. I am so glad she was saved. The disaster is just so big, seeing how one beautiful animal is affected really makes it easier to understand how terrible the fires really are.

I'm so glad Polly is getting stronger!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

We have been and will keep on purring and praying for everyone and all animals effected. We are so happy that koala was rescued. A miracle really. Sometimes these types of stories really make people want to contribute. Perhaps the CFA can use it as a mascot (not like a circus or anything - more as a symbol) to raise money so they can keep helping those who need it and fighting fires. This must be getting so expensive money wise as well as the human and animal factors.


I haved no experience with broken tails, but mommy read in a first aid book for casts that it depends where the tail is broken and how (twisted, fractured etc) it is broken. Maybe they should have them wrapped to prevent lots of moving.

The Island Cats said...

God bless the CFA! We read about the koala bear they rescued!

We don't know anything about broken tails...Wally once got his tail smashed in the door but fortunately it was not broken...

Cat with a garden said...

We can't believe that the Koala is a wild animal. He is so incredibly tame. Poor thirsty Koala, what a good job he did surviving! We don't have experience with broken tails...

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

WE saw a picture of the CFA giving the Koala a drink!! We thought it was just too cool!! We saw other pictures of Koalas getting drinks too :) We imagine there are lots of animals that will need lots of care when those horrid fires are over! Thanks for sharing.
We love that your Dad opened an account so he can chat with you too!!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Shadow / Molly said...

Dems beans dat helped the koala is furry pawsome! Poor fing looks so asckerd and hurt. YAY fer da firemen !!!


OMG this is the sweetest and sadest video...I hope all the animal In australia will get help like this...thanks for posting such a wonderful video!!

Fin said...

Glad everyone there is safe and doing better.