Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We Have Another Correction!

Hey there! Guess what! As is the tradition, not all of us had our genders correctly identified. I am a GIRL! And I am now known as Athena. This has meant a name change for my brother, too. We are no longer Cosmo and Kramer, we are now Apollo and Athena. Our cool tuxie friend formerly known as Willy Wagtail has jumped on the mythylogical name bandwagon, and now goes by Loki.

So, in our Little Litter, we are now Athena, Apollo and Freja. The Big Litter now go by Odin, Thor and Loki.

Goodness, all this confuzlement!

My foster mum reports that Fui was a very good boy at the vet. They put anaesthetic eye drops in and had a good look in under his third eyelid. There was no sign of any foreign object or trauma, and he has no clinical signs of anything viral. There is no discolouration to the eyeball, no discharge, and he allowed the vet to firmly palpate around the socket. So we are a bit stumped. The eye specialist will be up here in 6 weeks- the joy of living out of the way, I guess. For now, the humans are pretty stumped. There is a little bit or redness, and a little bit of swelling. The vet called his symptoms 'blephoraspasms', which is the squinting and excessive blinking from one eye.

I asked about whether it could be anything to do with his brain or nerves, and the vet said this was extremely unlikely, especially given he is not presenting with any other symptoms.

For now, we are taking a wait and see approach. Our vet believed it was likely there will be improvement naturally, without any intervention. If there is any worsening, we will have him back at the vet immediately. If the symptoms continue as is, there is really nothing we can do until the specialist comes up from Brisbane. For us to take him there would be a 2 hour flight (and he would have to travel cargo), otherwise it is approximately 20 hours in the car. Given that he sooks on the 10 minute trip to the vet, this would be good to avoid unless it is really necessary.

The vet recommended giving Fui a break from the eye ointment for the next 24 hours, incase that is causing additional irritation. So hopefully, that is the case and this time tomorrow he will be looking at us bright eyed and happy!


Cory said...

Wow, that's one thing we take for granted living in a large metro area...lots of specialists within a very easy drive. Hope all goes well with Fui! We had to see a kitty opthamologist when Jonathan had his sudden blindness. Good to know that Fui doesn't have anything obvious going on.

We love the new kitty names. No matter what they are named, they are all adorable!

Anonymous said...

We love the new names! That is our kind of thing :)

We just really wanted to say we will be purring for little Fui, we are very sad his eye is hurty still.
We hope it is just the eye goop.. we is thinking of you all... :)

Daisy said...

You kittens are good at playing little surprises! I like your new names, too.

Fui, I am purring that your eye will get all better soon!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

you're modest little kittens hiding your spot #14s aren't you? ha ha ha you're so cute and we love your names.

we're very sorry to hear Fui isn't feeling well. we will send many healing purrs and prayers that his eye is already better.

MoMo said...

Never mind, your are cuties all the same and they are all lovely names. I am purring that Fui will get better soon without intervention. No fun having a hurty eye or to travel so far to see a vet-ophthalmologist.

Cat with a garden said...

Oh, little ones, you have to learn about the naming problematic at a very young age (we read Sienna & Chili, when it's Siena & Chilli approx. once a day)! So pleeeez think twice when you tell your forever parents your names, ok? BTW, we love the mythological names! It is already "tommorrow" and we already read about Fui's eye. Hope he keeps on improving!!!
Purrs, Siena & Chilli

Everycat said...

Athena and Apollo now? Aaah very stylish names, most elegant.

Fui sweetheart you and your eye are a mystery. We purr that it clears up by itself. Did you maybe get a tiny insect bite on your face somewhere?

We send you some purrs for that eye.

Whicky Wuudler

Grrreta said...

Those are perfect new names for the kittens. We hope Fui's eye gets better very soon.