Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Lesson in Flowers

My friend is very good with the ladycats. When I asked my mum what makes him so successful, mum said he is a bit of a catsanova kitty. So, I asked my mum for catsanova lessons.

This is lesson one. It is called 'giving a token of your deep affection'.

I don't think this flower is as good as a fishie. But then, I am not a girlcat, and girlcats are a mystery to me. That is why I am having lessons!

It does smell rather nice. I think the red goes nicely with my furs. I'm still not sure about it this flower lark though, so I kept my hat on while I was investigationing. I think I will keep up with these lessons.
I am also the star of our Christmas cake this year. At least, I think I am. It is a grey blob that is really more of a representation. I think. It is hard to tell. It's like that art that you don't know what it is until an expert tells you. MOL!
P.S. To show my mum is not all bad, this is the t-shirt she wore when she went with dad to see 'Australia' on Saturday!

I hope you're having a good week, everyone:)
P.P.S. Mum liked 'Australia' a lot!:)


Poppy Q said...

Officially, I think that tshirt makes your mum a mad cat lady!! Very cute though. What did your beans think of the movie?

You are getting a cat tree and catsanova lessons? What a great life it is for you two.

Anonymous said...

MOL! We love the Daisy T-shirt! Your Mom looks pawesome!

Daisy said...

Hahahaha! Look at me! It is almost like traveling all over the world. Did we enjoy the show? Hahahaha! Thank you so much for wearing me. I feel proud.

Cory said...

That T-shirt is awesome! Hope the lessons worked for you...Madison could sure use some help.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Good lessons!! Love that T, too cute!!!

We'll have to check out that Rachael Hale card! The PM loves her too. We have a daily calendar from years ago that the PM wants to frame some pics from but she can't make up her mind what four to do. Too many choices. I think she'll have to do a wall of prints, not just a small grouping!!

Purrs Goldie

jenianddean said...

We like to stop and smell the roses when they are in the house, but then we usually try to knock them over and make a mess.

Your Mom is totally cool in her Daisy shirt!

Everycat said...

FuiFui I don't think you are gonna need to many lover cat lessons, you definately got talent there.

Love the Daisy T Shirt!

Have a good week!

Whicky Wuudler

Mickey said...

Great lesson Fui,but I think when you meet a pretty girlcat, you will do just fine ;)
I like the T also,hahahaha!!!!
Good that your Mom liked the movie :)
Purrs Mickey

MoMo said...

Ah, you don't need lessons with flowers. Fishie is just fine. Love the Daisy T shirt!

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh yea Daisy travels around the world! Yer mom is cool!!!

Grrreta said...

I love your mom's Daisy shirt! My brother Ambrose is very interested in taking catsanova lessons too. He will be studying your posts very closely to learn how to impress the ladycats.

Anonymous said...

Ohh FuiFui, you do not need any romacing lessons! You is so secksah ( in a man cat way) that you could get away with anything...
I'll let you in on a big secret, The ladeeez love the bad boys and confidence,, you can be a skinny little dude like me but still get away with it ofs you believe they will to!! :p ehhe

PES: I love the T-Shirt your Momma wore!! I can imagien the faces hahah My Parents haves not seen it yet and are scareded that it will be annoying and Momma hates to yell at movies and stuffs in front of people haha