Monday, November 3, 2008


Hello. My name is Jimmy, and I have a secret. It is an embarassing secret, so you have to keep it secret too. Do you want to hear it?

I like to pee outside of my box.

I am not peeing in this photo, but it is what I look like when I do. So far I have only gone on the plastic sheeting in my room, so foster mum is not too annoyed. But she is getting there quickly!

My sisters use the boxes perfectly. Foster mum cleans the messes up as soon as she can, washes all the blankets (did I mention I love covering my wee with blankets?) twice in enzymatic cleaner, and then goes crazy with the Nature's Miracle. If she finds me in the act, she transfers me quickly to one of the boxes. She is not sure what else to do.

I was very young when I was seperated from my catmum, and foster mum thinks this probably has a lot to do with it. I may well not have had the chance to work the litter box out well before I came to a new home.

My foster mum was going to take Halloween photos of me and my sisters. This is the best one she got. MOL! That pumpkin thing couldn't be trusted!


Aniemother said...

It's hard when you're taken from your mom so early - but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon! You've got yourself a great foster Mom there and you should try your best to show her what a big boy you are!


Anonymous said...

Do not worry, Jimmy! You will get the hang of it soon! You look a little devilish! =)

DEBRA said...

Jimmy you are so adorable...we hope that the litterbox avoidance is something you can over come and we are sure your foster Mom feels that way too. I have a problem using the box for my poo and yesterday Mom followed me around with a rag for me to poo on (and she got it under me just in the nick of time)...she wishes I would use the poo box to poo in!


Daisy said...

Oh Jimmy, practice and practice! I am sure you will get the hang of it soon. Maybe you would like to try a different type of litter?

Anonymous said...

I will keep your secret Jimmy but you must learn to use it otherwise you will get no nommy treats and such.
I have never heard of a kitteh not wanting to pee where they has peed before?
Does your Momma maybee clean the kitty box out TOO much?
Maybee you could pee on some newspaper and your Momma could take a little bit with your smell on it and put in IN the litter box so next time when you go looking for some place to pee you will smell your "smell" and pee where you should? :)


Shadow / Molly said...

Yer foster mom is right to put yoo in da box when yoo is goin other places, yoo'll learn soon dat there is da ONLY place to go!

goldenshade said...

O sweet Jimmy!!! You are a cutie but you have to practice, practice!!!!!!!

The PM's sister got a little kitten in the Spring and she pees and poops down the sink drains. Must have the same issues!

Purrs Goldie and Shade

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

Oops! You better start workin' on that potty training so you can get a nice permanent home! ;o)

GRRRETA said...

My sister Chloe had that problem for a little while, so Mommy put out a litter box with clumping litter made from wheat. Chloe started using the wheat litter right away, then transitioned to the regular litter after a couple of weeks when Mommy took the wheat litter away. The wheat litter has much less of a harsh scent compared to most clumping litter, so Mommy thinks maybe Chloe was irritated by the deoderizing scent in the regular litter.

The Crew said...

Oh Jimmy, you're too cute to be doing naughty things.

First you need to be sure you don't have a urinary tract infection. Once that's done, try different litters or box placement.