Friday, November 21, 2008

8 Things!

Our friend tagged us for a meme, to list 8 random things about us. I put myself forward for this meme, because I am brave and not a baby shrunken cat. So here they are!!

1. I was found in some bushes. My siblings were sold at a market, before I was left at the shelter.

2. I love Jimmy Blossom. He is my idol and hero, and I copy him as much as possible.

3. I have cute little stripes and cute little spots on my furs.

4. My eyes were blue when I moved in. Now they are green.

5. My foster mum thinks it is hilarious to call me Seamus O'Kittenhead. Because then I would be Irish. Or something.

6. Poppy has decided she is my mum, and likes to keep me clean. She is a real little lady, that girl.

7. When I moved in, I couldn't drink from a bowl very well. After 2 days, I was a pro. I learned from copying Jimmy and the girls.

8. My foster mum says I have lots of guts. When I first moved in the Blossoms didn't like me too much. But I wasn't put off. I kept trying to play with them and cuddle with them and eat with them, and now they accept me as one of them:)

I also have to tell all of our friends something. I can be the spokescat because I am probably going to be living here for Christmas. We are sending Christmas cards this year. If you would like a snail mail card, please send us your snail mail address, to fui_and_sueyAThotmailDOTcom. We are also working on making an e-version of our card. If you would like to recieve our e-card, please email us at the above address. We don't want our friends to feel spammed!:)

Have a beautiful weekend, whatever you are up to!:)


Everycat said...

Seamus, thank you for sharing such interesting facts about your sweet gingery self. What a rough start for a little guy. I am so glad you are safe and happy now

Whicky Wuudler

Aniemother said...

Thanks for sharing all the details about yourself Seamus!


Cats said...

You are furry kyoot Seamus. Those were some cool things you shared. Hope you have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hey Seamus! I do not know why your Momma lafs at your name! Momma has a friend that name and he is a marine.. all big and manly like.. or so he thinks :P hehe
I think an Ecard is an extra wonderful idea!! we do not like to waste cardboard on conventional cards here.. oh yes Momma iz kinda nutty about environment things.. I do not know why itis not like she will be here when it all goes bad hehe


Shadow / Molly said...

Seamus yoo is definately HIGH on the kyoot factor!

Daisy said...

Seamus, thanks for telling us all about your cute self. You sure are a feisty little mancat!

MaoMao said...

What a preshus little feller you are! Momma calls Dorydoo a Kittenhead too, efun though Dorydoo's four years old now, hehe. You have a wunnerful purrsonality!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

Anonymous said...

Seamus, you sure are a cute mini-mancat!

Mickey said...

Seamus,that was some really neat things to learn about you. I especially like the 'guts' part,heehee
Purrs Mickey

PeeEss: guess what? we are supposed to have a big storm tonight :o
Now,we will have even more snow!!!!!

The Island Cats said...

Seamus, we can tell you are a special kitty! Thanks for sharing those things about you!

GRRRETA said...

Seamus O'Kittenhead, you are such a cutie! You have made such great progress. You're very lucky to have such wonderful foster siblings to help you learn very important kitty stuff.