Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh My Goodness.

For sale: One mother who was supposed to love me enough to make me a tough strong mancat costume but made a flower fairy skirt and wings instead!

Does this look like the face of a happy cat, woman?
And my dad? I could only look to him for help as he colluded with the woman. He even had an official title. Wing wrangler. Seriously?!?!
And then they expect me to put my handsome face on for them. Fat chance! I was named after a tough Tongan rugby league star! He doesn't take a backwards step, and neither do I. So I'll look back wards instead!
Although this sunspot is nice. I look a little radioactive. That's kind of cool and superhero like.But they even tried to take that away from me! And moved me like I was a sack of sand!
That was it, I had to make my escape. If only I could work the door handle. Curse my lack of opposable thumbs! Ridiculous!
I came up with a new tactic, squiggling and jiggling and moving quick!
In between that, and sulking, I finally made my point. No more of this crazyness. It's time for me to make my move.

So I took my leave of this madness.

If you'd like to join in, there is a great contest being run at .


Anonymous said...

awwww dude.. I wouldz be eating their fingers for that.. and your dadda?!?!? How could he let this happen?!?!
Surley your Momma likes your man-catly ness? no?
Sok though... we all haz to put up with em so we all knowz just how it is;)


Aniemother said...

Ok... now that's a disgrace.. Humans have no manners! But if any man could make that outfit look good it would be you!


The Crew said...

The only Mancat we know that's comfortable wearing fairy wings is Skeezix. On any other guys, it's just wrong!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Mom got us costumes but we have not seen them yet. We hope they do not have wings.

Shadow / Molly said...

Dude, we are wif yoo! No clothes fer us either!!

Thanks fer comin by our party! We had loads of fun wif everyone!!

GRRRETA said...

You look like the mancatliest flowered fairy I've ever seen...really! Your mom did a wonderful job on your costume. You look so sweet!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Don't feel too bad. I was a Mouse Fairy last Halloween an' my costume was a little tight! I wasn't too happy 'bout wearin' a kyoot outfit either.

Moki Joe Designs said...

Its tuff being a mancat.