Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Cuddly Fluffball

We only had Trixie with us for a week, but in that week, she stole the hearts of everyone she met. She was a very fluffy girl, and could easily have had some Maine Coon or something in her, with her ruff and fluffy tail.
Trixie was a real little sweetheart. She was full of cuddles. She came to us because she was slightly too light to be desexed with her littermates. She was the biggest of the five fosters we had at the time. She was absolutely beautiful to Tom Kitten, and was very gentle with him. She took her role as big sister seriously, cleaning the other four, and supervising them as they ate.

Trixie was always up for a cuddle, and would climb into your lap as soon as you sat down. She was a prolific bicuit maker, but never used her claws. She also loved giving soft kitten kisses to your chin. We introduced her to the 6 month old daughter of a friend, and Trixie was fabulous. The little girl came from a family who had cats, and was already being taught about being gentle with cats. Trixie loved snuggling up to the baby, kissing her and sitting still while the mum helped the baby pat her softly. Trixie loved the smell of the milk, and once stole the babies bib when she had finished a feed!

Trixie was adopted on the same morning she was put in the adoption cages. Her lovely spirit outshone her beautiful appearance, and she will make an amazing companion to the family lucky enough to take her home.

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