Friday, August 29, 2008

Evie Update

Evie is still with kittens. She is doing very well, putting on weight and looking healthier. Her coat is becoming softer, and hair is starting to grow on her neck. Her belly is growing, and I believe I felt a kitten in her tummy when we were having cuddles!

She does not like Fui and Suey. When I tried introducing them face to face, Evie was not at all impressed, and chased Fui to take a swipe, before she ran to defend her room. We have decided to keep them seperate from now on, in the hope of keeping stress levels at a minimum. It will be interesting to see whether she settles after the kittens are born, and the aggression is related to her pregnancy, or she is a real solo cat. Fui and Suey are a bit bewildered by it all, and don't seem to understand why she wouldn't like her.

With people, Evie is a total lovebug. She wants hugs and pats, and if you're anywhere near her, wants to be in your lap 5 minutes ago. She loves having neck scritches, especially under her chin.

I'm starting to really look forward to her giving birth. I'm a bit too worried to leave her alone for too long, incase she needs any help! I wonder when it will happen!

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