Monday, September 15, 2008

Moimoi's Mancat Monday Adventure

There has been far too much space devoted to girls and girl things on this blog. It must stop. So I will bring some Big Strong ManCatness to it. Because I am a big strong ManCat. I am brave, and I am tough. Let me show you.

Here you can see how brave I am. I am not scared to go deep into the jungle in my backyard. I am so brave, I can even sleep there. I told the jungle critters that I sleep with one eye open, so they will never approach me!

This is my Big Strong ManCat yawn. Man and beast fear this mouth. Because I am a Big Strong ManCat. With Big Strong ManCat teeth.

Here are my Big Strong ManCat whiskers. The vet lady called them a magnificent crop, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

This is my Big Strong ManCat tongue. It is good to get me clean and tidy, because ManCats should be clean and tidy, even if they have been out having Big Tough adventures.
My ManCat ears are also Big and Tough. They are good for warning me of imminent dangers on my exciting adventures. Like right now. Did you hear that?
I can see the danger too, with my very superior ManCat eyes. It is my sister! Can you see her?
Don't be fooled by that silly disguise. She thinks she can hide behind her smelly bush and spy! But she can't. My Big Strong ManCat senses are too powerful. Go Away Suey!
Now, where was I? Oh yes. These are my Big Strong ManCat claws. They are good for scritches, or fighting monsters if required.

My ManCat nose, as well as being cute as a button, is very keen. I can smell yummy food from a mile away, which is handy, because I love my yummy foods. Hold on, I smell something else. It smells like... TROUBLE!
And now I can see it with my ManCat eyes! The trouble has a name, and it is...
SUEY! She is attempting an escape! From our yard! She is going to invade the neighbours sovereign home!!!!
I have to do something! This is terrible! SUEY! You come here, now!
Naughty! I will scold you with my ManCat paw! You stay in your yard! You know you are not allowed to go invading! Now sit down, and be a good girl.
There, that's better. Crisis averted.
See why it's good to be a Big Strong ManCat. You never know when you'll need to act decisively.

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