Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Was a Nutter for the Vet!


Some kitties have that magic ability. Fui has it. Suey has it. I don't have it. At all. It is the magical ability to be a good kitty at the vet. I was nutcase kitty. I saw the other kitties, and then heard the doggies, and that was that! Not the place for Evie Cat!

Because I was such an angry, frightened girl, the vet could not examine me. I kept wanting to give the vet nice bitey marks. And if I couldn't give them bitey marks, I could give them scratchy marks! I got three people in the vet room! My foster mummy had to stop volunteering, and come and do some kitty wrangling with me! I gave her some little biteys, and some little scratchies. She spent a long time trying to get me to relax, sitting with me in a quiet room, but it didn't work.

Evie 1, Vet 0!

I was looking forward to Evie getting the ok from the vet- looking forward to it very much! Unfortunately, she was very unsettled in the car, and then freaked out completely when it came time for her to see the shelter vet. She tensed up completely, and the vet was unable to feel for babies. She couldn't be sedated, incase she is still pregnant, as that would harm the babies. The shelter did not have any of the drugs that are safe for a pregnant cat, and needed an initial diagnosis before she could be referred to the big vet who does the more complicated things for them.

As it stands, it is fairly clear she does not have milk coming in. Whether or not she is pregnant is something we will see when she goes to see a cat specialist on Tuesday. The new vet will have a feline pregnancy test, to try and figure out what's going on without stressing Evie too much.

Hopefully, it will turn out to be that Evie arrived at the shelter earlier in the pregnancy than they thought, and over the next week or so things will change. We will find out on Tuesday. I will try not to tear out all my hair!

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