Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ahoy there!

Fuifui- We had a funny day today. Daddy was home with us, and Mum was at work! It was cool. We got to hang out with him, and give him lots of loving squints through the window. And it was nice to get a break from Mum's cuddle attacks!
In other news, our good Catster friend Elvira made us Pirate pictures! They are so cool! Don't you think I make a tabbytastic pirate?

Suey- Fui looks pretty cool, but I look like the best pirate ever! Elvira did a pawesome job. She has a little girl named Hally, and she is a totally terrific tortie, just like me!Friends are the best!

Evie- I think I am the most amazing pirate. Look at all my booty! I am Evie Sparrow, plunderer of the seas! I am still pregnant. My tummy is so cute and buldgie. I have also moved into one of the boxes my foster mum set up for me and like to sleep in there. It's a nice safe spot, and I think I might have my babies in there.

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