Thursday, September 23, 2010

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

This week is 's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. There are wonderful animals all over the world who are often overlooked for a variety of reasons, including colour, breed and physical handicap.We had a kitten who some of you may remember we had a harder time finding a home for, although the time did not compare to that of some other kitties and woofies who are in shelters and foster homes.

Freddie Weasley was one of the sweetest kittens we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. People were put off from adopting him when they found out he was deaf. There are all sorts of stories about deaf cats- that they are crabby, ill tempered, violent, aggressive and anti-social. We used a fact sheet from as part of our learning about deaf cats, and the key point was finding a way to communicate. A big reason that deaf cats can be seen as grumpy or aggressive is that they aren't aware people are coming up behind them until they are actually touching them. It's therefore not surprising that they would get a bit of a fright. By doing simple things like tapping the couch next to them when they are resting they can feel the vibrations and know that someone is there.

We gave the factsheet to Freddie's new dad when he came looking for an indoor cat to be his buddy while he worked from home. He has used the fact sheet and then expanded on it and has developed a fantastic relationship with his kitty. For example, he calls Freddie for dinner by flashing the kitchen light three times. Freddie's mum and dad are so happy with Freddie that when they decide to bring another cat into their family they have decided they will only adopt a deaf cat.

We know most of the visitors who come to our blog are not from Sydney, but we thought we would follow the example of our friends at and put some names out into the universe. These kitties are from the , the wonderful organisation we fostered Henry, Lottie and Alice Darling and Barney and Dino Rubble for.

This is Hayden. He was abandoned when his family moved out of their home and left him behind. He is a black cat, and at 5 years old some people think he is too old. As he has trust issues and startles easily, he is not very suited to a family with children. He needs a calm patient family who will help him to come out of his shell and respect his boundaries.

Calamity is a 7 year old ginger and white girl. She came to the Society when her family moved into pet-unfriendly housing and had trouble with allergies. Calamity is blind in one eye. She would prefer not to live with another cat, but likes children who have good cat manners. She is an affectionate, playful ladycat. Hayden, Calamity and a host of other cats and kittens are available for adoption from the Cat Protection Society Adoption Centre at 103 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney.


Amy and The House of Cats said...

This is a great post! First, it is wonderful to hear that Freddie is doing so well with his new family, and to read they are going to adopt another deaf cat - that is just so awesome!

And we hope that Calamity, Hayden and all the other cats out in the world that need forever homes will be able to find one!!

Cory said...

It makes us purr to hear how Freddie's family is taking such good care of him and now only want to adopt another deaf kitty. We want a world where all kitties and woofies have loving forever homes.

Sparkle said...

That's a great story about Freddie! A deaf cat is like any cat - we all have certain rules, and humans just need to know what they are.

I am hoping that the Be the Change for Less Adoptable Pets challenge helps kitties all over the world, so thank you for posting some cats in your city.

Poppy Q said...

Awww we want to take both of them home - you know what I mean.

That is great news about Freddie, sounds like he found himself some awesome parents.

Angel and Kirby said...

Our Wizard was a less adoptable cat. He was estimated to be 2 years old and he had an eyelid that was turned inward. He requires surgery as soon as possible. He was the sweetest lovable 20 pound lap kitty ever!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

How nice to see Freddie again :)
We like that you post about less adoptable kitties!! Just because they have "issues" does not mean they are not great kitties.
Mom was adopting out kitties from the lady she helped look after ,after she passed away. Most kitties got good homes,but a few had health/behavioral issues. Mom and her sister kept these kitties. Some are old, but they are all nice kitties!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

The Island Cats said...

We remember Freddie!! It sounds like he has found the bestest home!! We are so happy!!

And Hayden and Calamity are adorable! We hope they find their furever homes...they sure deserve it!!

Huffle Mawson said...

Hayden sounds just like me! I hope they all find good homes.

Catherine said...

There are just so many sweet and loving animals that need a good home. Sending warm thoughts and wishes to all those that are looking for someone to love!

xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Another great thoughtful post. Perhaps I'll just take a little look see at what's on offer at my local shelter.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Our paws are crossed for Hayden and Calamity! And the CPSAC!!

Headbutts to Freddie and his new mum and dad!! What a great couple found your special boy!

Luckypaws said...

Freddie's story made me so happy! Thank you for fostering him and finding him the perfect home :)