Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tweet Week!

Our boy has a name!!! Little Harry!! He is still fighting strong. When mum and dad were talking about a name last night, they mentioned how they hadn't named a kitten Harry before, because they were waiting for a trio- Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Well, Fate took that as a challenge!
This morning, we got a call from our vet nurse Greta telling us that Harry's brother and sister had been found. It sounds a lot like they were dumped. The man that first found Harry went out to check his garden because he saw someone poking around in his garden. Not only did this person dump the babies, they seperated them in thorny bushes. One of Harry's siblings was found late last night, and the other was found this morning. We are thanking all the stars in the sky that the man made such a thorough search of his garden, despite getting quite cut up by the bushes in the process.

This little kitten cuddling with Harry is his sister. She is quite a striking young ladycat. Her paws and tummy are white.
This is Harry's brother. The boys are nearly the same size, and their sister is a bit bigger. This boy is almost pure white, except for a tiny pale grey smudge on his back. Our good friend on , , who is a kitten genius, told us that the grey smudge on a white kitten can be a sign that the kitten is not deaf, and often fades with age. We found that very interesting.
Harry loves being back with his siblings. He had been snuggling with a Speedy Gonzales toy, but has now transferred his affections. It will be great for him to have other kittens to grow up with.
So, we've got some extra kittens to purr for!
Mum and dad have discussed it with me and Suey, and we have names for them all. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley! Mum is not certain that Ron is a boy yet, so in hedging her bets, he might be a Luna Lovegood:P

Our friend has declared this week to be Tweet Week!

Our whole family loves fevvers, but probably in different ways. MOL!

This is a special little budgie boy named Beau. He was our mum's brother's bird, and by all reports, was a super cool guy. He had great colours, and he was very friendly. He liked to run around the desk while mum was doing school work.
This is the bird that lives with Uncle Andy now. His name is Johnny (though there are some pretty strong suspicions Johnny is really a Josephine). He is a lot louder than Beau, who was quite reserved in that area. Johnny likes to sing for his supper!
I like to chase birds. When I was allowed outside before we moved to JAIL, I even caught two, and led mum on a merry chase around the garden. She stole them both from me, checked they were ok and let them go. Traitor. As you can see, I have a rather different feeling for them...

P.S. We made a mistake with Harry's weight. He was weighed at the vet on the dog scales wrapped up in towels. He was 0.20kg, which my mum and the vet nurse, in their hurry to get him home, read as 20grams. He was actually just over 100grams (4ounces) last night. Mum can't believe she thought he was only 20grams- talk about a brain freeze!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad the man rechecked and found Ron and Hermione! When you said that little Harry's umbilical cord was still attached we thought there were probably more kittens.

Akshully, Ron might still work even if Ron iz a girl... Ron or Ronnie iz a nickname for Veronica.

Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

What a wonderful post. We confess we are relieved that Harry is not 20gr! 100gr has a lot more potential. And 3 cheers for the man who searched all of his bushes! We hope they will grow big and strong. We know they will be well loved and fantastically well cared for! And the names are great!

Cat with a Garden said...

A trio! And they made it so far. That's excellent. We are so glad they searched and found the little ones. Fui, we are impressed by your hunting skills, mom says she doesn't think we will get a bird ever. About the coloured patch: As far as mom knows white cats are genetically not white. The white gene covers the others up but genetically they have a colour. the patch shows the true colour. We think that deafness is very common in white cats with blue eyes, so lets hope they'll get gorgeous green or golden eyes.
Purrs are still coming!
Siena & Chilli

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

So so sweet. That man deserves some purrs of thanks for hunting through his garden in search of these two. That other one deserves a big bitey on the rear!!!!

They must be so happy to be all together again.

Purring for everyone!!!

Goldie, Shade and Banshee

Pablo said...

Awesome names! Go Harry, Ron and Hermione!

Parker said...

The bad person who dumped those precious creatures is gonna' have Kharma kick his Butt!
Bless you and the man who rescued them!

Poppy Q said...

It's the fuisuey foster family back in business. Thanks for giving these sweet babies a chance. Go the potters!!

Cory said...

Purrs and headbutts to the man for rechecking for the other little wee kits! They are all so sweet and we admit we're a little bit happy you are fostering again...things have a way of working out. We think those are fabulous names and hope these sweet babies will grow up strong and smart.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Oh that is so wonderful that he found the other two kitties! I hope they are all doing well and continue to do so - we will be sending tons of purrs and prayers for them!

We like the bird pictures too - they are very cool!

Angel and Kirby said...

We are so happy the other babies were found. Does this mean you are taking care of all three?

JC said...

I am so glad they found those three little ones ...

My Dad found kittens on a bale of hay .. one survived and was white with just a 'SMUDGE' of black on her head ..

Her nickname was SMUDGE ... you reminded me of her when you said that

Daisy said...

Oh, I am so glad that little Harry is reunited with his siblings! When they are so tiny, every day is a big victory.

jenianddean said...

Ron, Hermoine and Harry! How exciting. I'm so glad they were all reunited.

borisandgracie said...

We already said this on Catster, but we think these are miracle kittens, so we are keeping our paws crossed that they survive.

- Boris and Gracie

The Island Cats said...

Oh we're so happy the other kittens were found and now Harry is back with his siblings! We love their names cuz we are huge Harry Potter fans!!!

We're purring for them to be strong!

Cheyenne -Millie said...

We are glad the siblings were found! We will be purring for all of them! They are so very little! Nice names!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

YAY for fate!! Now there are 3 and the Hogwarts kitties are together :)
We are so happy that they will now have a chance in life!!
Our Grammie had a budgie the same colour as Beau. We like to watch tweets too :)

Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Fin said...

Oh those little pudgy Budgies look yummy! So glad all the kittens were found and I will purr for all of them.

MoMo said...

What beautiful kitties! Sure glad the man found the other kittens. Poor babies!


Thoughts said...

OMG those babies are precious! thank god for people like you who save them and care for them. Thank you for all you do...