Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bobby Dazzler

This gorgeous little boy is a very special little boy indeed. He was trapped by a council ranger in a public park. He had sustained a nasty injury to his poor little tailWhen he got to the shelter, the vet decided it would be best to amputate the end of his tail, as it had been degloved and was broken. When mum arrived to pick him up, he had been named Tailer.Mum and dad tried to call him Tailer but it just never felt right. Mum had started calling him Bob Tailer, and it kind of stuck. It was dad who later added the Dazzler- because Bob was such a stunning, wonderful happy little boy. And such a little trouble maker!:) He needed a sparkly, jazzier name.
He was a little bit nervous in the beginning, which is understandable given all he had been through in his short life so far. He soon figured out that he was safe, and developed into the cuddliest of cuddlepusses, and the troubliest of troublepusses!
While he was staying with us, mum had a nasty virus that just wouldn't quit and managed to damage her ribs from coughing so much. Bob helped Suey and I look after mum. They recuperated from their wounds together!
Bob did develop an infection in his tail. He was a very good boy in always taking his medicine, and didn't put up too much of a fight. He soon got back to full strenght, and managed to avoid the need for further surgery. Bob and I then developed a special relationship.Bob loved me and I loved him. He was always very interested in what I was doing, and I taught him well. We liked to play together, and he would watch me have my dinner, use my litterbox and go about my business.
While he was initially reluctant, I soon taught him to value of just hanging out and relaxing. We briefly had a second kitten stay while Bob was with us. Her name is Missy, and she was a friend's kitten. Bob fell in LOVE! They had a wonderful time wresting and chasing and rumbling.
Sometimes they settled for a bit of a cuddle, too. (Missy is the one with the white paws).
Bobby was with us for dad's birthday, and he nearly caused a disaster! He leapt at the birthday cake! Dad grabbed him just in time. He was very sneaky!
He was also terribly cute. After several days of non-stop racing about with Missy, he conked out and fell fast asleep when she left.
He grew into a very cute young mancat, and looked like quite a manly little boy.
We are very thankful for the hard work of the ranger, and his determination to get Bobby Dazzler safe, as well as the vet and shelter staff who ensured his injury would recover. It was terribly hard taking him back to the shelter for adoption, but we were good, knowing that his Forever family would be looking for him!:) We are beyond certain that his Forever family are pleased as punch with their gorgeous tabby boy.

Angus asked whether we are able to hear about how our fosters are going now. There are lots of privacy rules that mean the shelter can't tell us who adopts the kittens, and they can't pass on our details either. We just have to have faith that the shelter staff have done a good job in making sure they go to great families. Some of the families do keep in touch with the shelter, and they let us know if they've been in touch. Pipi's family stayed in close touch with the fostering boss for a while, so it was cool to hear that she was going well. They even kept her name! Blitzen Claus and Tom Kitten both live with people who volunteer at the shelter, so we know they have gone from strength to strength.

After seeing pictures posted by Banshee and Cory and Ellie's mums of them before they were adopted, we made sure to take photos back when Stella, Ellie, Angus and Calvin went back to the shelter. They were included with the adoption paperwork. We wanted Stella's new family to see what a truly remarkable little ladycat they had. She saved Calvin's life! We also thought they and the families of Ellie and Angus would enjoy seeing the babies when they were tiny little squirmers.

For my last words in this post, Suey has only been to her litterbox twice today:)


Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan said...

You left the very best for last. Hurray for Suey!

We always love reading about all the wonderful kittens you fostered. We do hope you will be able to foster again some day soon! You are simply too wonderful at it!

Poppy Q said...

What a sweetie!!

We wish the shelters would relax their privacy policies. Surely if you provided a summery of the fosters, some photos and email address, new furrever famalies could be in touch if they fancied it. I am sure most people would love it, especially the kids and wouldn't it be nice to have a little story about each kitty, making them more adoptable?

Hasn't the world got just too PC?


Gandalf, Grayson and Whitey said...

Bobby Dazzler is quite a delight! We bet his new family is enjoying him every moment!

We think it is great that you brought some photos to go with the kittehs to their Forever Homes. Mom would love to know what Grayson and Whitey looked like when they were kyoot kittehs!

Cory said...

Mom here: It means the world to us to have the pictures of Cory and Ellie before we adopted them, so we are so happy that pictures of your sweet fosters can go to the families. We also have kept in touch with United Paws who saved our girls and they also know of their blog so they can follow up anytime they want to see their "graduates".

jenianddean said...

I remember little Bobby Dazzler from I when I first started following your blog, I think. He is certainly a cutie, and touched us too. I don't know how you foster some of these kittens and just don't keep them all!

Amy said...

Oh what a cutie Bobby Dazzler was. He sounds like he was just a joy to have around. And it is so good to hear that Suey is doing better. I know we are all keeping our fingers and paws crossed that it stays that way!

Angel and Kirby said...

Bobby Dazzler was a sweetheart! We go to the adoption center where we got kirby and Illyana almost every weekend. You never know when another kitty will reach in to your heart! We have met both foster Moms and keep them posted on their babies.

Ariel said...

Bobby Dazzler is a cutie and I'm glad he found a good home.I love the photo of him and Missy hugging so sweet :)

Daisy said...

Bobby Dazzler was very special! Sometimes the shelter here gets cards and letters and photos about how the cats are doing now. It's fun to see those.

Reese =^..^= said...

Dazzler is delightful!! His little bobbed tail, just adds to the mix.

The Island Cats said...

What a sweetheart Bobby Dazzler was! Your post has convinced mom to send a letter to the shelter where she adopted Ernie let them know how well he is doing...she always meant to do it but never got around to it. We wonder if they will remember him...we think they will!

MoMo said...

All your fosters have been real cuties. You are such a wonderful and loving person to devote so much time to these poor little mites. Glad to hear that Suey is getting back to normal.

Shadow / Molly said...

Yay Suey! We is glad yoo feel better.

Our the mom says she dun fink she cud foster, she'd want to keep every single one.