Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Apollo!

Hi! Remember me? I'm Apollo!

This was me when you first met me. My foster mum said I was light as a feather!Did you know it has rained every day for 23 days straight?! Our foster mum said she is going to go troppo very soon. One of the roads to the shelter is washed away! It's not there anymore! We know we are lucky though, because our home and and the shelter are safe, and we are safe. We are sending our purrs and our prayers to our countrymen, women, kitties, woofies and everybody affected by the horrible fires and floods. We hope this cosmic joke will right itself soon, and our friends down south will get the water that they need.

The shelter vet couldn't get to the shelter for a few days because of the cyclone we had last week. Because of this, a lot of kitties are caught up in the desexing backlog. Thor and Loki are stuck there, but I was lucky to get through. Mum was going to bring them home yesterday until things settle back down, but the entire kittens were having a ball in their section, so she decided to leave them. Mum's friend at the shelter is going to keep a close eye on them, but she thinks they are continuing to thrive. If that changes, they'll come home with Mum.

This was me when she came to the shelter yesterday! I'm almost looking mancatly! I am up for adoption now at the shelter.
I am picking on kitties my own size now! My foster mum was giggling at how tough I was trying to be. Before I left, I was bashing my sisters, and they started to wee outside the box. Now things have settled down for them again, and I have other kitties happy to wrassle with me all day if I wanted!
Polly went home yesterday! My foster mum was shocked when she saw her. She is SO skinny. Foster mum could feel every individual bone in her spine and chest, and thought it was a little bit scary. Polly has also broken her tail. It's up at the tip though, so it wont bother her. It's been a bit of a struggle getting her to eat- she just doesn't want to. Foster mum has been forcing kitten formula into her, and late last night she got some Whiskas gravy into her. Today foster Mum learned that if she puts Polly infront of a dish with one of the other kittens, and Polly can watch the other kitten, Polly will start eating on her own! That makes it much easier than trying to force the food into her, especially because Polly might be very weak, but she is one fiesty little girl kitten! She has put on a little bit of weight today, and her eyes are brighter, so that is good. The other girls are cuddling with her, and being good big sisters.
Have a super week, dudes and dudettes!


PDX pride said...

C'mon, Polly, eat up! You need that food!

Kaz's Cats said...

We're glad that Apollo is doing okay, and we think that he'll have to be adopted soon with his fiesty personality and handsome good looks. It's good news that you guys are all safe and that the shelter is also okay. That's very nice of your Mum to check up on Thor and Loki, and for her friend to keep an eye on them. We're sending our best purrs to little Polly so that she keeps on eating properly, and puts on some weight. If we could, we'd send some of our crazy hot weather up to you guys, and take some of your rain down here. Hang in there guys,



Gypsy & Tasha

Cory said...

Apollo is growing up to be quite the man-kitten, very handsome! Polly...we are sending hungry kitten thoughts your eat eat little one!

Grrreta said...

Apollo, it is wonderful that you have grown to be such a healthy happy man-kitten. We hope Polly gets her appetite and strength back very soon.

The Island Cats said...

Hi Apollo! You are getting to be such a big boy now! And we hope Polly starts eating better....

With all that rain you've been getting, you may want to build an ark!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Welcome home Appollo and Polly too :) You are looking mighty good and I think you will make a great Mancat :)
I do not understand either why one area gets floods and another gets drought!!! I hope it stops raining and storming for you!!!
With roads getting washed out,it sounds like there will be a lot of cleanup for the beans to do when the weather is better :)
I'm happy you are all doing well :)
That is all that matters, :)

Purrs Mickey

Daisy said...

Apollo is so handsome! He reminds me of a tiny Harley!

I have heard about the fires on the news here, and we're very worried. All that rain sounds very bad, too. I'm glad you all are safe.

Hooray for little Polly! Eat up, little babygirlcat.

Angus Mhor said...

Oh, poor Polly! Polly, you must eat and eat and eat so you'll be strong!

I saw the news of the fires yesterday and thought of all my friends in Oz..I'm hoping everyone is safe. I'm praying for rain where needed and a little less where there's too much.

Tom and Tama-Chan said...

Apollo is looking very handsome, and we are glad that there are good role models for Polly to learn t eat properly!

The news on the fires is terrifying.

Tom and Tama-Chan

Cat with a garden said...

Apollo, you look awesome! We hope sweet Polly will strengthen up, too. Those floods and fires are horrible, we've seen it on the news.
Paws crossed for everyone,
Siena & Chilli

C said...

Apollo! What a boy! We hope Polly gets stronger!

Sweet Praline said...

I am so glad to hear that Apollo is doing better. He looks great. I hope Polly starts eating soon!

Fin said...

Daisy is right you look like a mini Harley. What a cutie. Eat Polly!

michico*Adan said...

Apollo is becoming a very handsome cat!