Monday, January 12, 2009

Introducing the Brady Bunch!

Hi! We are the new babies! We don't have names yet, our foster parents are still getting a feel for us. They do have some ideas though.

We are litter number 1. Kitten A is a handsome tuxie. I'm a bit reserved. I like people though, they are fun!
Kittens B and C are gingers. Bet you couldn't have guessed we are siblings! MOL! We are confident. We love attention, and will purr our heads off if we even think you're coming to give us skritches.

We are litter number 2. We are tiiiiiiiiny. We are probably the smallest kittens that our foster mum has had. She get's scared that she will break us when she picks us up!

We have been doing really well getting used to the humans, and litter number 1. We were a bit scared and hissy yesterday, but today we even allowed our foster mum to clip our nails!
Amongst us, there is one girl. The rest are boys.
Can you guess which of us is the little miss?
That's right!
It's meeee!

We will probably be here for at least a month, so we are looking forward to some big adventures, and meeting some great friends:)


Daisy said...

Nice to meet you, Brady kits! I cannot wait to learn more about you. I already know that you are extra-cute!

Cory said...

OMG! If we didn't already have 7 kitties (with another hanging out in the yard)...and you didn't live 1/2 way around the world...those ginger boys would be in danger of being my brothers! They are all so adorable!

Parker said...

Oh what cutie pies!
Please give them a cuddle for my Mommy!

Parker said...
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Everycat said...

Hello new kittens! It's lovely to meet you all. You are going to have such a wonderful time here. You are all beautiful and I must say that the tuxie from Litter 1 is extremely handsome already - but I have this tuxie bias, I can't help it hehe!

Whicky Wuudler


ohhhmaigosh you guys are just cutest babies!!!!!! i just want to snuggle all of uuuuu!!

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Cat with a garden said...

Oh, we love the tuxie one. And the gingers. And the tiny ones. And most of all the girlcat! Girls RULE!!!

Poppy Q said...

Hello little lovies. You look so sweet, have fun in your new foster home.

michico*Adan said...

Oah My God~!
Look at these beautiful gorgeous babies~!

Lux said...

Oh, you're all just adorable! Look at those eyes! :)

The Island Cats said...

Cute Overload!!!