Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Can See You:)

Hello Everykitty!
Thankyou for your helpful advice yesterday. We were particularly appreciative to see that mum should not try to comfort us too much, or we would think something was wrong. We didn't know that. So she will do her best to try and keep things normal. , you are a very clever kitty:)

My friend asked how my eye is, and this is mum's report:
"Great! He is not blinking or squinting, and it all seems to have cleared up on it's own! The vet is mystified as to what went on, as are we. Looks like Fui is even weirder than we first thou-".

That's quite enough from you, thanks mum!
This morning mum and dad took Odin and Thor back for their hoohaectomies. They bought three little girl kittens home with them! They had horrible ears, so mum took them right back. They had one of the worst cases of ear mites the shelter people had seen, and spent aaaaaages getting all cleaned out. Hopefully they are more comfortable now, and can get forward with the business of being a kitten.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce:
Miss Polly Smitten-Kitten, a cute little floofball.
Miss Sally Smitten-Kitten, a lovely little tabby (like me, except I'm not little).

and Miss Penny Smitten-Kitten, a little tabby and white cutie pie.

The girls are about the same size as Freja, Apollo and Athena. Loki has taken on the role of kitten sitter, and seems to be really enjoying it.
Apollo is coming along in leaps and bounds. When they first came home, mum was a bit worried about him, as he was very lethargic, and not too interested in food. With some TLC, and some special attention from Loki (he is such a good kitten sibling!), he is now thriving. He is very funny, too. When the Smitten-Kittens first got here, they were pretty nervous and hissy. One of them was lying on the floor by Apollo, and she hissed at mum. Then Apollo looked at mum and gave a little half hearted hiss. Mum told him he was a silly billy, and reached forward to give him head rubs. At that point, he started purring his head off. He's a funny kitten head:)
I'm staying up tonight to watch the Inauguration with mum. We have to stay up till 3am before it starts! After seeing what I looked like in my picture yesterday, I have Presidential aspirations.
(Fui, Australia doesn't have a President. We have a Prime Minister).
Yes but mum, I didn't want to leak my desire to be World Overlord too soon! So shush! Anyway, we hope everyone is having a happy week so far:)


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Heeellllooooo cute liitle kits!! The PM could not handle having such sweetness around all the time. She'd want to be cuddling all the time!

Glad to hear your eye is all better Fui! You fixed yourself right up!

purrs Goldie

Cory said...

Thanks for cluing my mom into the Obamicon site...she had such fun with my picture. We get to watch the inaguration this morning without losing any sleep! The Smitten-kittens are so adorable, and their names make us smile!

The Island Cats said...

Oh new kitties! They are so cute! Can you hear mom squeeeee??

Fui, maybe you just poked yourself in the eye real bad...we're glad it's all better!

Daisy said...

The new bebbehs are adorable! I love the surname "Smitten-Kitten".

We watched the inauguration with pride and hope and happiness.

Everycat said...

Hello new kittens, you are so delicate and delightful! Soon you will be mighty and strong, like allllll the kitties who come to Forever Foster. Loki is a darling taking care of them, he reminds us of Tabbus. Glad your eye is better now too Fuifui and best of luck with the world domination!

Whicky Wuudler

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, I'm sorry your daddy is going away for so long. I'm with everyone else about not making to much of a big deal about it or you'll think something is wrong. Your mommy could also put some of the clothes your daddy won't be taking in a "dirty hamper" with just his clothes so they smell really good like him and then put them around the house periodically.

Maybe he can make video/audio tapes of his voice too?

Welcome to the new kittens! I'm glad your ears are all cleaned out. I've had bad ear issues before and they are stinky

Shadow / Molly said...

Dat tabby one looks like me too! How cute - all of yoo new kits.

~ Molly ~

Margaret Cloud said...

Those baby kittens are so cute, I am glad your eye is better, headbutts and purrs to all you furries.

Lux said...

Oh, those are such darling little kitties!!!

The World According to MIsha said...

How do you find time to make Obamicons with those all those precious little kittehs? I'm very smitten with those kittens :)

Cat with a garden said...

Uhhh, ear mites are nasty. Chilli had them too, her ears were all brown in the inside. Glad you got them cleaned! We love the new girls!
Fui, it is just wonderful that your eye is alright again. A little bit of mystery suits you very well!
Purrs, Siena

Grrreta said...

Fui, we're so glad your eye is all better. Molly, Sally, and Penny are gorgeous little kitties. Their last name, Smitten-Kitten is perfect. Fui, we think you will make an excellent World Overlord.