Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Delivery!

Do you remember the that 's mum makes?

Our's have arrived! Aren't they awesome!It is silver like me!Silly Suey got the wrong end of the stick to start with, and thought it was a treat to nom on. And she says she is the smart one!When I told her what was going on, she was very impressed to see her likeness imortalised.

Thank you very much, Moki and Crystal! We love the ornaments, and will feel happy every year when it comes time to put them on the tree :) To anyone who has considered ordering an ornament, we thoroughly recommend them! You can go to see Moki's design blog.


Cat with a garden said...

Those ornaments are furry nice. I'm sure many cats will order them!
Purrs, Repothyr
; )

Parker said...

Those are pretty! Moki's Mom is quite talented!

Poppy Q said...

Cute ornaments, and I love your new babies. You guys are great taking in more little kitties.

Daisy said...

Those ornaments are very cute!

Rupert said...

I really like that third picture down, of Suey.

Paws 'n Claws,

Everycat said...

What pretty ornaments! Suey is right to test them for taste!

Whicky Wuudler

Anonymous said...

hahah Do not worry I would have tried to eat them too!!
There are so many talented kitteh Mommas in the blogosphere and we want to order so much!
But as you guyz know the exchange rate is pretty harsh at the moment :(
But we haz them bookmarked :P hehe
It has to get better one day!!


Mickey said...

Those are sweet ornaments!!!
Silly Suey!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!
It's cool that they look like you two :)
Purrs Mickey

Grrreta said...

Those are really cute! Moki's mom is very talented.

Pablo said...

Oh, they're exquisite! Might hafta check out Moki's design blog myself...

Ana said...

Wow, those are rally cool ornaments! Guess Mommy has to save some money when she gets some ;-)