Thursday, October 16, 2008

Alley Cat Allies

Alley Cat Allies are an awesome organisation. While they are focused on America, the information they provide and ideas they put forward are useful right around the world. Our human mum has been able to use some of their information in communicating with our local members to try and make things better for kitties.

Our catmum and catdad were probably feral cats, or loosely owned at best. In America, Ally Cat Allies have designated today as National Feral Cat Day, and it makes us think about our catparents, and how they are today. We were left on a building site, and our catmum was scared away. Because of the kind man who found us, we were given a chance to grow into the strong, healthy, happy cats we are today. Our human mum can't bear to think what could have happened if the people who found us as little squeaky two week olds had not been advocates for cats.

If you would like to find out more about Alley Cat Allies, and ways to be an advocate for the feral cats in your area, their is a font of information.


Parker said...

Hooray for your support!
I am so happy that you are FORMERLY feral!

Shadow / Molly said...

The mom says some of the best cats are formally feral kittys! Yoo guys must be some of the best!!!

Anonymous said...

We have our Alley Cat badge on our side bar. We believe that feral cats deserve the chance to live rather than be euthanized so we are huge supporters of T-N-R.

Aniemother said...

Now that's a good idea!


Anonymous said...

FuiFui I iz just in awe of your Tiger stripes, Momma and I loves them sooo much and here you iz showing them offf... PFFT! hehe

IT is a very good cause, we try and donate something each pay to different animal charities, I will add this for sure to our list.


GRRRETA said...

Great post! Our mom got a lot of very useful information from Alley Cat Allies website after she met her first feral cat and wanted to help it. We're so glad that they are working to spread the word about how to improve the welfare of feral kitties and the benefits of T-N-R.

Cats said...

Yep feral cats lead a tough life and face lots of threats in the wild. Thanks for this post and I'm glad that you were found by kind people who helped you find a furrever home :)

goldenshade said...

The PM had quite a few feral cats living with her growing up! They make wonderful, loving pets and deserve a chance too!

Purrs Goldie

ps- Thanks for the advice about my starlings. You made me feel better and have ignitited some nice daydreams. You are just like Confucius or should I say Catfucius!!