Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our cousin Johnny!

This is our cousin. He is a budgie boy, named Johnny. Isn't he cute! He lives with our Uncle in New Zealand. He is nearly two years old.
In this first photo, he was only a young lad. He was all yellow, and a bit shy. He lives inside a cage, so he doesn't fly around like a crazy bird!
He has a beak, instead of teeth. He eats seeds and grasses. He comes out of his cage when he is supervised, and is becoming more outgoing. He likes to sit on the curtain rails.
This photo was when he was a bit older. Can you see the patch of green on his chest developing? He also has some white feathers on his face now. The white on his beak is from the cuttlefish he was chewing on.

We have not met Johnny, but our mum and dad have, and they thought he was a lovely boy. We think we would enjoy meeting him...


whatloknows said...

He is a very pretty lil dude!!!

Daisy said...

Johnny sure is a pretty lemony yellow color!