Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Am a Cat of Mystery!

My foster bean would love to know my story... but I'm not telling! I was dropped off as a stray at the shelter she fosters for, and she was lucky enough to bring me home. I was missing lots of furs, and had no whiskers, eyelashes or eyebrows. I was also quite a grumpy girl. I would hit and bite the bean when she left my room. I also don't like the other cats.

While I was not the best feline citizen, she thinks I was at one point in a place where I was very much loved. I adore cuddles, and will spend all day in your lap if you let me. I like meeting new people, and am very good with children. I sit very still when I have my nails clipped and my ears cleaned, and I am happy to wear a harness.
Because I didn't come with any papers, it is a guess that I am a Devon Rex. The bean got in touch with some breeders of Rexes in the area, and from pictures, they thought it was most likely that I am a Devon, rather than a Cornish. She understands I would need to be a purebreed to have the curly furs. If this is wrong, she would love to know!
I also have a mystery tattoo! It is in my right ear, and says 'cb'. None of the vets or breeders have been able to help us with what it would mean. The breeders say they wouldn't tattoo a cat, and the vets say they only mark for desexing, and that would be a 'D' in the left ear. Does anyone have any insights into this?

This brings me to the next part of my mystery! The shelter told the humans I was pregnant. This was 6 weeks ago. I am getting bigger, and my tummy is round, rather than hanging like fat Fui or Suey. My yummy feels different to Suey's, but the bean doesn't want to poke around and risk hurting me. Both humans think they have felt kittens in my tummy, but have seen no movement. I also appear to have started nesting. However, I've got no sign of any milk coming in. The shelter tried to check me out, but I went nuts. Now they want to wait it out rather than stress me out again, because I am still regaining my strength after my adventures. I am eating well, have lots of energy, and appear healthy.

If I am indeed pregnant, this will be the first pregnancy for them. I am also the first adult. I like to think I'm putting them in at the deep end! If there is anyone reading this who has any advice or insight, they would appreciate it very much. They have got all the formula, bottles and teats etc incase I do have the kittens but don't produce milk. Other than that, they're not really sure what to do.


(p.s. do you like my new signature? I feel very important!)


goldenshade said...

That is a lot of mystery for such a little sweet girlie.

How did you do that signature? I have been seeing cats doing that the past couple of weeks and now I want to try!

Purrs Shade

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Well, you should feel very important. That's some signature. We would love to know how you did that.

We hope you find the information you are seeking. She is a pretty girl.

Your idea of posting this is a good one because perhaps she is from another country and if so, someone should recognize the marking, or at least be able to tell you why or what or ....

Shadow / Molly said...

The mom has read of some breeders that do tattoo the cats ears. Perhaps if you got on tica.org (international cat association) or CFA.org (cat fanciers association) someone there may have a better clue as to why there is a tattoo.

As far as her milk, that will come in shortly before she has the kits, she shouldn't be without any but its good to have a supply on hand incase she doesn't produce.

The Island Cats said...

We don't have any information that could help but we hope this mystery is solved!

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

The Crew said...

Hi everyone. We've seen you in the comments here & there, but haven't had a chance to stop by. Welcome to our cat blogging community.

Mom grew up with cats & has seen many litters of kittens, so might be able to help you. At the very end of the pregnancy (9 weeks) you can feel the kittens moving around. The mother will find a place to give birth, maybe not to you liking so it's best to "help" her find a place (a large box in an out-of-the way place with clean newspapers will do). As her time draws near, she'll become very restless and will seek out a private area. If she allows you to observe the birth, do so. Usually cats will instinctively know what to do, but if this is her first litter, she may need a little help. As each kitten is born she will bite through the sack and cord & lick it clean. Kittens come between a few minutes to 10 minutes apart. After birthing, you can replace the papers with an old towel. If they aren't already there, place the kittens against her belly and they'll nurse. Milk will come in after the birth. The Mom will need food & liquid (milk or water) to replenish her strength. Cut the side of the box down so she can exit easily but so the kittens can' crawl out.

Mr. Echo said...

I wonder if Daisy wood be able to help any. I see yoo haff a link to her page. Yoo got kwite a story! I kant help with inny advice...jes encourijmint and purrs.

Sen and Tom said...

This is a bit late but... until recently, all (most?) cats in France were tatooed in the right ear.

Your girl definitely has some curly genes in her!

Loki said...

Usually if a queen is well nourished they will have all the milk required-- but if you have to give some of the kittens formula tell the hoomans an eyedropper is much easier than a bottle. Just be sure to try and drip it on their tongues, not down their throats, or it can get into their tiny lungs. That's about all the advice I can give that I wish I knew.

Oh, and they will fight you as if you are trying to give them medicine!