Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Tails Day, October 10

Happy Tails Day is coming! This is a super special day for the RSPCA to raise some much needed funds to help the animals who need it. While they are the organisation that the public turns to when they see an animal in need, they only recieve 2-3% of their budget from Government grants. This is despite taking enormous pressure off the various Government agencies, the local governments in particular.

We love the RSPCA. They do so much wonderful work- helping animals dumped at their shelters, investigating allegations of cruelty, mistreatment and neglect, helping animals left behind in disasters like floods and fires, trying to teach the public about how they can be heroes for animals, among so much more.

The people who work at the shelter have to face some really awful situations, but still manage to keep their spirits in tact. The uniformed officers tasked with investigating complaints are the Inspectors. Across Australia, there are approximately 84 Inspectors, and they were responsible for investigating over 55 000 cases of cruelty and neglect in the last year. This includes complaints about the treatment of companion animals, farm animals and native animals.

If not for a group like the RSPCA, I shudder to think what could have become of the cats and dogs who come into their care. Instead, they were desexed, vaccinated, wormed and de-flead by the shelter, and matched up with people who will provide them with a safe happy home for the rest of their lives, as often as possible.

To continue their good work, the RSPCA needs the support of the public. Without it, they could not function. So for October 10, get a hold of some great Happy Tails Merchandise, and support the people who support our animals.

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